Abomb, real name Aaron Brace is a professional wrestler from the world of CAW, currently signed to the XWF. Abomb spent his early years wrestling in

Aaron Brace, known by his wrestling name "Abomb"

the indies in small time feds like the CWA (Coxheath Wrestling Arena) but broke into the big time when The Owner signed him to the XWF.

Throughout his career Abomb has been known as a ruthless force, capable of high impact moves and near inhuman strength, he favors hardcore and extreme rules stipulations but his dream is to become a world champion, something he has yet to achieve.

Early Years 2005-2007Edit

Abomb spent most of his early years in the indies, mainly the CWA, but also dipped toes in the CSOW for a brief period.

During early 2007 when Tommy T Thomas started the XWA, Abomb tried to sign up but for reasons unknown the deal never materialised.

XWF CareerEdit

The Owner picked up Abomb for the XWF before the show began. Abomb made his debut by appearing during a match between the then World Champion, Knightmare and the then No Holds Barred Champion Tsunami, he hit his special move "The Abomb-ination" on tsunami and pinned him, becoming the No Holds Barred champion in his first XWF appearance The Owner hired Abomb into the C.W.O as the "Anti-Tsunami weapon". Abomb had a solid title No Holds Barred Title reign before he later dropped the Championship to Ken Tariff. Abomb would find his first taste of the main event scene towards the end of season 1, facing Lord Law for the World Heavyweight Championship, but he fell short.

Season 2 Edit

Abomb started season 2 by being entered into the Demolition Series. He fell short and followed into a feud with Knightmare. The two would face off at Demolition where Knightmare would come out on top. The feud would continue into a tag team battle at Meltdown where Abomb would team up with Mike Jacobs to face Knightmare and Dr Khan, After loosing this match, Abomb moved out of the feud with Knightmare as the two of them made reluctant amends, before they faced off in the final of the Green Light Tournament.

Finishing and Signature MovesEdit

Finishing Move(s)

  • Spine Buster
  • Abomination

Signatures Move(s)

  • Pendulum Backbreaker
  • Bear Hug

XWF Title HistoryEdit