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Alex Cousins in WWE'13

Alex Cousins, is an original CAW is currently signed to the online federation OCW (Online CAW Wrestling). He is a former OCW Intercontinental Champion.

OCW (2011-2013)Edit

Debut and time offEdit

Cousins made his OCW debut at Extreme Rules in a tag team match alongside Archangel in a losing effort against Greg Savior and The Ninja. At TLC, Cousins fought Ninja in a singles contest to come up just short of a victory. It was reported that Cousins had requested some time off to deal with personal issues at home.

Return and Intercontinental ChampionEdit

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Cousins after winning the Intercontinental Championship

Cousins made his return at Smackdown in a losing effort against Radke. Due to Greg Savior's absence at Smackdown, Chairman Jerry Lawler, made a match for the Intercontinental Championship at Money in the Bank. At Money in the Bank, Cousins defeated Radke, Greg Savior and Sumaritin in a Fatal 4 Way Battle Royal to become champion. Cousins then entered a 16 man tournament to declare a number one contender for the World Championship, but he lost to Mark Accuracy. Cousins was released of his contract when OCW rebranded

CWF (2013-present)Edit

It was reported that Alex Cousins had signed a contract wit CWF (CAW Wrestling Federation). When he will debut is unknown.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Intercontinental Champion- 1x