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Alieus after winning the PWF World Championship

Alieus (15/9/1996, real name Lorenzo Falabrino) is an original CAW that is currently signed to the online federations GRW (Greco Roman Wrestling), PWF (Platinum Wrestling Federation), YWE (Youtube Wrestling Entertainment), XWF (XBOX Wrestling Federation), OCW (Online CAW Wrestling) and YCW (Youtube Championship Wrestling). He also wrestled behind the name of Black Shark or Dark Shark. Alieus has won 5 World Titles in his career (1x YWE, 1x XWP, 1x PWF, 1x GRW, 1x OCW).

PWF (2012-2013)Edit

Alieus created PWF back in Januray of 2012. He debuted on one of PWF's rosters, Lawless in a winning effort over Zhen Gi. The next week, Alieus fought Zhen Gi again, but this time he lost. Following the match Thanatos debuted and took out Youth Urano and Zhen Gi, who Alieus then shook the hand of. The next week, Alieus teamed up with Thanatos against Urano and Gi in a winning effort. He then competed in a 6 man Battle Royal but lost to the winner Speeder. At Sunrise, Alieus became the first ever PWF World Champion by defeating Zhen Gi, Speeder and Neozon. He then succesfully defended his title in a Fatal Four Way match at PWF Unleashed Hell against Zhen Gi, Thanatos and Youth Urano. He defeated Urano once again at PWF No Way with the title on the line. At Cross Line, Alieus had to defend the title in a Triple Threat Match versus Axe Hater and Nathan Diasper, and managed to win with the help of the newcommer Dark Crux. He then gave Hater another opportunity at Boarding, but he kept the title once again. After PWF Boarding, PWF closed, which means that Alieus has been the one and only PWF World Champion ever.

GRW (2017-present) Edit

GRW World Champion Edit

In 2017 Alieus created his new CAW company: GRW. He debut on the Polis roster, starting a rivalry with his old enemies Zhen (previously known as Zhen Gi) and Erebos (previously known as Youth Urano) and with his former ally Tartaros (previously known as Thanatos). The four of them clashed at GRW Classical Age in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the GRW World Championship. After Erebos and Tartaros eliminated each other, Alieus pinned Zhen with his new finisher, a Rotating Neckbreaker called "The Reel", to win the title. On the following episode of Polis Erebos won a Triple Threat Match against Tartaros and Zhen to become number one contender, but lost to Alieus at GRW Philosophical Clash.

The Oligarchy Edit

As he felt Polis' General Manager Don Pedro was behaving badly towards some of the wrestlers on the roster, including his old friend Grishnakh (formerly known as Phil Aiacos), Beowulf and his now rival Tartaros, Alieus was seen talking to them about "something big". At GRW Argonautica he faced Zhen in a No DQ Match. Near the end of the match, Zhen was about to leap from the top rope, when Tartaros came from the backstage to stop him. Erebos prevented this assault, but Dark Crux, an old ally of Alieus, debuted on GRW to help him retain the title, which he did. At the following GRW Polis, Alieus announced this faction as The Oligarchy, ready to gain the control of Polis. At GRW Pantheon, Alieus defended his title against Erebos in a Steel Cage Match, after pinning him with his patented Lower Arm Lariat, which he calls "Loriat". At the following Polis, Alieus and Grishnakh had a face to face with Sauros Abel, who had stepped in to confront the most important members of The Oligarchy. Grishnakh attacked Abel, and Alieus stopped him because he felt the assault unnecessary. He then announced Trevor Gamble and Colombo Domingo, known as The Life Enjoyers, as the newest members of the faction. At the end of the episode, he interrupted Don Pedro announcing the GRW Lightweight Championship Tournament in order to tell him a mysterious member of The Oligarchy (which would later be revealed as The Phantom Face) would've taken part of it. Pedro put him in a Triple Threat Match against against Erebos and Zhen at the following CPV, Iliad, but Alieus managed to get the win. At the end of the CPV, every title was being held by a member of The Oligarchy. Don Pedro decided to put Alieus against Zhen in a Tables Match at GRW Odyssey, and no Oligarchy member would've been allowed to interfere. During the CPV, Alieus was seen approaching The Sniper, and later that night The Sniper distracted Zhen during the match, allowing Alieus to defend his title. The Sniper officially joined The Oligarchy during Polis, and Alieus challenged Don Pedro to a Six Men Elimination Tag Team Match for the control of Polis. At Parallel Lives, Team Oligarchy (Alieus, Tartaros and the tenth and last member of the faction, Big Doom) defeated Team Pedro (Zhen and The Jungle Borns), which resulted in Pedro being removed from his GM position, which was taken by Alieus. Fresh of his new GM role, Alieus began to run Polis. He was challenged by Libra Roshi, whom he defeated at GRW Termopylae, closing the year of 2017 without losing his GRW World Championship.

YWE (2011-2014, 2014-present) Edit

Debut & Feud with D.B. DragonEdit

Dark Shark

Alieus, at the time known as Black Shark, debuted at Judgement Day 2011 when he defeated D.B. Dragon. After the match he would attack him. At the Bash, Shark would lose to Icon by DQ after he gave him a low blow in front of the ref. After the match, D.B Dragon would come to help Icon but Dark Shark left before anything could happen. At Summerslam, he was defeated by D.B. in a Submission Match to end the feud.

Pursuit of the YWE Intercontinental ChampionshipEdit

At N.O.C, he would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the YWE Intercontinental Championship but would lose to the defending Champion Scott Razor. Later Backstage, he would attack Razor. At Breaking Point, Black Shark would his first title after he attacked Razor to soften him up for their match and he would win. After the match, he would attack Razor with the Title Belt. After the event, he would redesign the title in the form of the Classic Title. At Survivor Series, he would lose to Razor by DQ after he accidently hit the ref. Since, the title cannot change hands in a DQ or Countout he kept the title. At TLC,  he would end his feud with Razor after he beat him in a Ladder Match.

At the Elimination Chamber, Dark Shark would compete in the Chamber for a chance to be a Double Champion. He entered 5th but would be eliminated by Dynamite. After EC, he would start a feud with Thunder saying that Thunder could never be champion again. At Wrestlemania 3, he would lose the title to Thunder. At Over the Limit, he would lose in his rematch against Thunder.

Alliance & Feud with RoganEdit

Later that night, he and Rogan would attack Victor X & Phsycoz giving Dynamite that win. At Starrcade, he would defeat Victor X in a singles match. At MITB, it would seem that his alliance with Rogan ended after he pushed Shark off the ladder. Rogan would claim that he used Shark to get back at the top. At Summerslam, he would compete in his first World Title Match against Rogan & Mr. Black but would lose to Rogan. At Night of Champions, he would get revenge on Rogan when he cost Rogan the title after he hit him with a Loriat. At No Mercy, he would lose against Rogan in a One on One match. At Survivor Series, he would eliminate Rogan from the Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Match after he hit him with a Loriat. At TLC, he would finally defeat Rogan in a Chairs Match.

At the Royal Rumble, he would be awarded the Intercontinental Title after Rocker's injury from Fayth. He would enter at No.9 and would eliminate Rogan before being eliminated by Grimez. At Elimination Chamber, he would enter his consecutive Elimination Chamber as Intercontinental Champion. He would enter 5th, but would be eliminated by Phsycoz. At Wrestlemania 4, he would lose his title to Rogan in a Scramble Match that included Thunder, Yung Kash, & Jay Samoa. At Raw 1000, he would have his rematch against Rogan but the match would end in Double Countout, after Rogan suplexed him to outside of the ring. 

Mr. Raw MITB; Various Feuds & Heel TurnEdit

After Raw 1000, he would be drafted over to Raw. At Extreme Rules, he would lose to a debuting DJ Hero in a Triple Threat Match that included Thunder. At King of the Ring, he would enter the KOTR Tournament where he would Angel in Round 1, but would lose to Phenom in the Semi Finals. At MITB,  he would win the Raw MITB after tossing Lula off the ladder. At Summerslam he would team up with DJ Hero & Kid Wild in a losing effort after DJ Hero turned Heel and betrayed his team. Due to Hero being a Heel, Shark would start a Tweener Turn. At Night of Champions, he would fight DJ to a No Contest after the match got out of hand. At Venegeance, he would end his feud with Hero after he beat him in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with the Briefcase on the line. At Survivor Series, he would cash in the briefcase in a match in a failed attempt after he defeated by YWE Champion Crazy One. After the match, he would once again turn Heel and would attack him. He would be given a rematch at TLC in an Anything Goes Match. At TLC, it seemed as though Dark Shark won the YWE Championship where it was revealed that Crazy One's hand was under the ropes and that the match would restart where he was defeated by Crazy One.

Tweener Role & Feud with The Union; DepartureEdit

At the Royal Rumble, Dark Shark would enter at No.1 where he would last all the way to the Final 3 before being eliminated by Antho. Dark Shark would eliminate 5 people (Red Dread, Azrael, Icon, Stone Cold, & Fayth). Due to Shark lasting a long time in the rumble match, Shark is set to compete in the Elimination Chamber for the YWE Championship. At Elimination Chamber, Dark Shark would compete in the main event for the YWE Title where he would eliminate Kid Wild & Double D before losing to PJ Skillz. Afterwards, Dark Shark would get beaten by Skillz until Antho made the save, Shark would then fight off B-Mad Phoenix until he was hit by PJ. Dark Shark is set to face Double D in a match that determines the Special Guest Referee in the main event. At Wresltemania 5, Dark Shark would wrestle Double D to a double countout making none of them the Special Guest Referee until he was attacked by Double D. Dark Shark would then come to help Antho in the main event by attacking The Union & DD. At Extreme Rules, Dark Shark would compete in a 6 Man Tag Team Match, where he would team up with YWE Champion Antho & Lula, for the YWE Title, but his team lost to The Union after PJ Skillz used brass knucks to win. At No Way Out, Dark Shark would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the YWE Title, that also included Antho & Lula, but he would lose to PJ Skillz. After that match he would hit Antho with a Loriat and then he would be hit with a Skillz Clash from PJ Skillz. At Money In The Bank, Dark Shark would lose to PJ Skillz in a match for the YWE Title where he would be FIRED if he didn't win, which meant Dark Shark's departure since he lost. Dark Shark would make an appearance at Hell In A Cell as a member in the audience as he bought a ticket to be there. It was then that he punched Tornado in the face after Tornado's match with Angel.

Return & Name Change; YWE ChampionEdit

Following Hell In A Cell 2014, Dark Shark would be hired back by Mr. Inc (who regained control of the company after Mr. Ace decided to sell some the stock to him). At All Extreme (a televised house show), Dark Shark would defeat new YWE signee Roacher in his return match. With most of The Union released and PJ Skillz out with injuries, Dark Shark decided to set his sights on the last remaining member of The Union, AJ Reyes. At Backlash, however, Dark Shark would lose a Singles Match to AJ Reyes. At YWE Survivor Series 2014, Dark Shark joined forces with Rocker and Phsycoz in the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match. The three of them managed to win against Jacob Cass, Mr. Amazing and Ciphea. After Survivor Series, Dark Shark became to change his name to Alieus. At TLC, Alieus faced the YWE Champion Arrow, Lula and AJ Reyes in a Fatal Four Way Match, but the champion managed to retain his title. At the Royal Rumble, Alieus faced Arrow one on one, but the match ended in a draw, so the returning manager Tornado decided to vacate the YWE Championship. At Roadblock, Alieus would face Arrow once again to determine the No.1 Contender to the YWE Championship, but it would end in another No Contest after both men couldn't respond the count of ten. As a result both Arrow & Alieus were inserted into the YWE Championship Match against Royal Rumble Winner PJ Skillz. At Wrestlemania 6, Alieus would defeat PJ Skillz & Arrow to become the new YWE Champion. At Extreme Rules, Alieus would retain his YWE Title against PJ Skillz. At Nitro, Alieus would defeat AJ Reyes to retain in his second defense. At Money in the Bank Alieus retain the YWE championship for third time. Alieus chose Phenom to face for Summerslam. At Summerslam Alieus defeat Phenom, Paul Omega try to cash in the MITB contract but Phenom stop him and then Alieus hit him with 3 Loriats, retaining the YWE title for fourth time, after match Alieus try to shake the hand of Phenom but he leave the ring very angry for what happened moments ago. At Night Of Champions, Alieus would lose the YWE Championship to AJ Reyes after Thunder return and hit him with a Thunder Slam. At Hell In A Cell, Alieus would lose to AJ Reyes in a Hell In A Cell Match. At Survivor Series Team Alieus would lose to The Union in a traditional 5 on 5 eliminnation match for the YWE championship. At Battleground Alieus wins back the YWE title in a three state of heel match

OCW (2012, 2013, 2018-present))Edit

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Alieus in OCW

Alieus made his OCW debut at OCW 'A New Era Has Begun' by interrupting a promo by YCW star Jason Daniel, only to be interrupted by ELW's Lula and then Omega. On the same night, Jerry Lawler put Alieus in a Fatal 4 Way Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship but he failed to win the title. Alieus was fired later that day.

It was reported that Alieus had signed a new contract with the promotion. Alieus re-debuted on the first episode of OCW Nitro in a 16 man tournament to crown a #1 contender for the World Championship and went on to defeat Jason Daniel in the first round. He then defeated ELW star A.J. Reyes in the second round. In the final round of the tournament, Alieus lost to Greg Savior in a Fatal 4 Way Steel Cage Match.

It was announced that Alieus had re-signed a contract with OCW. He has yet to re-debut.

XWF (2012-present)Edit

It was reported that Alieus had signed a deal with XWF. Alieus made his XWF debut on an episode of Aftershock in the "Cut Your Teeth" Challenge against Hawk from the 'Birds of Prey'. He lost the m

Alieus make his entrance at the ring.

atch by count out after walking away from the match. After the match, he hit the Fishermans Suplex on Hawk and escaped throught the crowd. He has not been seen since.

YCW (2013-present)Edit

It was reported that Alieus had signed a contract with YCW (YouTube Championship Wrestling). Alieus made his YCW debut at SmackDown Road to WrestleMania, attacking Strongy during an interview.

SWE (2014-present)Edit

The Nexus & Singles CareerEdit

Dark Shark debuted at the Royal Rumble as one half of the World Tag Team Champions with Jacob Cass. At the Royal Rumble, Shark & Cass would lose the titles to Evolution. He would later appear in a the Royal Rumble match, but he would be eliminated. Dark Shark is scheduled to compete in the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber Match at the Elimination Chamber. At Elimination Chamber reaches the end after pinned PJ Skillz and Hunter, after a grueling fight it out against defeated Mario Sanchez who won the title. At Wrestlemania 1 The Nexus defeat. The Killers in a Tables match. The Next Night on Raw, The Nexus would attack the newly crowned WWE World Tag Team Champions Evolution after they defeated the Bro Code to win back the titles. The Nexus will face the newly crowned champions Evolution for the titles at Extreme Rules after they attacked Evolution on Raw. At Extreme Rules, The Nexus would lose to Evolution in a Ladder Match for the titles. At King of the Ring, Dark Shark would compete in the KOTR tournament where he managed to defeat The Professor in Round 1, but lost to Shadow in the Semi-Finals. At Money in the Bank, Shark would compete in the Smackdown MITB Match, but he once again lost to Shadow. At Summerslam 2014 takes part in a 6 man battle royal for the United States Championship, but was eliminated from the champion AJ Reyes. Dark Shark would get another shot at the U.S. Title in a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match at Night of Champions that was won by Mario Sanchez. At No Way Out, Dark Shark would fall victim to Bad News Bennett in a match.

End Of The Nexus & Losing Streak Edit

After winning their match against Kenneth and Antho at Hell in a Cell 2014, Dark Shark attack his partner Jacob Cass and turn Heel. At Survivor Series, Dark Shark would lose a Singles Match to his former partner Jacob Cass. At TLC, He would defeat Jacob Cass in a rematch, but in an Extreme Rules Match. However, at Royal Rumble, Dark Shark would lose to Jacob Cass again, but in an I Quit Match to end the feud. He would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.30 where he ended up making it in the Final Three before being eliminated by runner up Mario Sanchez. On Smackdown After RR, Dark Shark would compete in a Gold Rush Tournament to determine the next No.1 Contender to the SWE Title at WrestleMania 2 where he managed to beat DoggyDog in the first round, but he would lose to Phenom in the next round.At WrestleMania 2 he compete in a 6 man Battle Royal for the US title but was eliminated by DJ Hero, who won the match. At Extreme Rules him and AJ Reyes would lose a tag team match against Team Bring It! (Arrow & DoggyDog). At Over The Limit he lose again to Shadow. At King Of The Ring Alieus would lose again to Francesco in the first round. Alieus would make his return at Night Of Champions and he compete in a Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship but he lost to the champion AJ Reyes. At Survivor Series Alieus would lose to Silvio in a single match, making this his 7 loss.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Dark Shark had signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling). When he will debut is unknown.

XWP (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: Feud with Demon Extreme & Hiatus Edit

It was reported that Dark Shark had signed a contract with XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion). Alieus (known as Dark Shark during this time) made his XWP Debut in the first ever Raw losing to Jacob Cass, the next week, he would squash Heath Slater. At Conflict he would lose a Number 1 Contenders Triple Threat Match to Joshie P, however, he wasn't pinned and he blamed Johnny Extreme for the loss. They faced off at Summerslam where Dark Shark lost to Demon Extreme. After this he would go on a 5 Month Hiatus.

Return; Face Turn and United States Champion Edit

Alieus would return on the Raw after Royal Rumble and confronted United States Champion Anthony Payne challenging him to a match, turning face in the process. Payne refused but Raw GM Christian Cage made the match at Danger Zone. At Danger Zone, Alieus would defeat Anthony Payne to win his first ever United States Championship in his career. He would retain the Title against Anthony on the Raw before WrestleMania. At Mania, he would lose the Title to Curtis Stunt after issuing an Open Challenge.

Season 2: Move to Smackdown; Feud with Cycloper & Intercontinental Champion Edit

On the Raw after WM, Alieus competed in a Rumble match representing Raw but was eliminated early. Later in the night, he was drafted to Smackdown. On the SD after WM, he would beat Reggie Killer before being attacked by Cycloper. At Betrayal, Alieus would lose to Cycloper and would get attacked by Cycloper after the match with Steel Stairs prompting XWP Owner Brett Storm to sanction a rematch between the two for Mayhem in a Steel Stairs Match. At Money in the Bank, Alieus would beat PJ Skillz to become XWP Intercontinental Champion. At Summerslam, he would retain against PJ Skillz & Cycloper in a Triple Threat. At Bragging Rights, Alieus would lose to IC Champion Curtis Stunt. At Psychopath, Alieus would lose his Title against Cycloper. After the match, Alieus announced his rematch would take place at Survivor Series. Alieus would then get attacked by Cycloper. Alieus would lose in his Rematch for the IC Title at Survivor Series. At Destruction, Alieus would face Matteo in a World Title Number 1 Contenders Match which would end in a Double Count Out. It was then announced that both men were No. 1 Contenders. At Royal Rumble, Alieus would compete in a Triple Threat Match for the XWP World Heavyweight Championship against Matteo & Champion Mahadi Khan in which he would lose to Mahadi. At Unforgiven, Alieus would once again have a World Championship match, this time in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match against Mahadi Khan, Duncan Cunner & Shadow. In the match, Alieus would eliminate Shadow and would last until the final two where once again, Alieus would come up short against Mahadi Khan. At WrestleMania 2, Alieus cut a promo before the World Title Match announcing that he will get a Championship match at the first CPV in S03, Betrayal.

Season 3: World Heavyweight Champion Edit

At Betrayal, Alieus will face World Heavyweight Champion Brett Storm for the Championship. At Betrayal, Alieus would finally win the World Heavyweight Championship by beating Brett Storm. After the match, Alieus would be confronted by DoggyDog. At Broken Bonds, Alieus would retain his Title against Brett Storm & DoggyDog in a Triple Threat pinning Brett Storm. At Money in the Bank, controversy would end Alieus' reign as the referee counted to 3 even though Alieus kicked out of DoggyDog's finisher making DoggyDog the new champion, however XWP Owner Brett Storm would reverse the decision to a No Contest because of the controversy and would vacate the Title. Mike House would then cash in MITB to win the Title. At Summerslam, Alieus will compete in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the World Title against Champion Mike House, DoggyDog & Matteo.

REW (2017-Present)Edit

It was reported that Alieus aka Dark Shark signed with REW. His debut is unknown.

EEW (2017-present) Edit

Intercontinental Champion Edit

Alieus would make his EEW Debut as the mystery opponent for Matteo, Mahadi Khan & Chris Danger in the Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match at Summerslam for the IC Title. Alieus would win the Title in his debut. At Reign of Terror, Alieus would lose the Intercontinental Championship to Max Mercury in his first defense.

GWI (2017- Present) Edit

Debut & Hardcore Champion Edit

Alieus would make his debut for GWI (George Wrestling Industry) at Royal Rumble S01 and he beat Lula to become the inaugural GWI Hardcore Champion. At Elimination Chamber he retained the Hardcore title against Francesco.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • PWF World Champion - 1x  


  • ECW Champion - 1x 
  • 2017 Mr. Money In The Bank 


  • YWE Champion - 2x (Current)
  • YWE Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • 2013 RAW Mr. Money In The Bank
  • 2017 Superstar Of The Year
  • 2017 Feud Of The Year (Alieus vs The Union)


  • SWE World Tag Team Champion - 1x (with Jacob Cass)


  • XWP World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • XWP United States Champion - 1x
  • XWP Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • GRW World Champion - 1x (Current)


  • EEW Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • PCW Global Champion - 1x (Current)


  • Hardcore Champion - 1x (Current)


  • CXW United States Champion - 1x


  • ECCW Hardcore Champion - 3x
  • ECCW Interim Hardcore Champion - 1x


  • OCW Champion - 2x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Illustrated:

  • Ranked No.2 in the Top 10 Wrestlers of 2018

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing Moves:Edit

  • Loriat (Lower Arm Lariat, usually performed running, sometimes performed jumping or leaping from a springboard position or from the top rope), 2011-present
  • The Reel (Rotating Neckbreaker), 2017-present
  • The Fallen Lantern (Fisherman Suplex), 2012-2014; used rarely thereafter
  • Master Kick (Superkick), 2012-2014

Trademark Moves: Edit

  • Proud Knee (Jumping Knee Strike)
  • Running Enzuigiri
  • Spinebuster
  • Samoan Drop
  • Springboard Roundhouse Kick
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Running Bulldog
  • Diving Moonsault
  • Rolling Armbar
  • Cobra Clutch
  • Boston Crab


  • The Charismatic Lantern
  • The Heavy Metal Shark
  • The Dark Shark
  • The Proud One

Entrance SongEdit

  • Versus The World - Forgive Me (2012-2014)
  • Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four (2015-today)