Andrew Gilbert, is currently signed with NSWL. He is a former 2 time NSWL Champion. He has an advantage over many with his strength, but can sometimes choke in the clutch. But if he is on his game in a match, he can usaully finish it with a victory. 

Starting OffEdit

After Season 1, Andrew had gotten some interest in wrestling, and asked his friend Josh (general manager) about joining the show. After some non-televised matches, Andrew impressed Josh so much that he was offered a contract. Since that contract, Andrew started off great, he instantly became a heel and the fans weren't loving him. This didn't stop Andrew from achieving his goals.

Championship MaterialEdit

Since he started in this company, Andrew has constantly complained to Josh about being in a title match for the NSWL Championship. After a lot of compaining, Josh gave Andrew a title match. It was at the Extreme Rules ppv in a ladder match against Ryan (the current champion at the time). It was a brutal match, but Andrew was able to climb the ladder and grab the NSWL title. He held onto the title until Wrestlemania 2. He unfortunatly lost the NSWL title to Mark in another ladder match. By the time next season rolled around, he was looking to once again win the title. He ran into a rivalry with MO and was distracted for awhile. He then continued to annoy Josh by asking for "one more match" all the time. He then got an opportunity at the Royal Rumble in a triple threat match. He was successful in beating J-Mill and Nate for the NSWL Championship. He once again, was walking into Wrestlemania as the NSWL Champion. He faced Mr. Miller in a inferno match. The odds seemed in Andrew's favor, but Mr. Miller was too good and defeated Andrew. Andrew would then think of a new game plan for the next upcoming season.