The "Fallen" Angel is a YWE Original who is currently signed with YWE (YouTube Wrestling Entertainment) and has been with YWE for over a decade. He is a 4x Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, 3x Intercontinental Champion, 1x Tag Team Champion with Rocker, & the 1st ever MITB Winner. Angel is a 7x World Champion (4x YWE, 1x YIW)  

YWE (2008-Present)Edit

Debut & Losing StreakEdit

Angel would make his YWE Debut at The Great American Bash in a Triple Threat Match to determine the first ever YWE Intercontinental Champion, but the match would be won by Icon. Angel would challenge the new YWE Intercontinental Champion Grimez to a TLC Match for the title at Cyber Sunday, but he was unsuccessful. At Survivor Series, Angel would team up with Sheamus & Hero in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match to face Supahstar B (later known as Blue Star), Styles E (later known as PJ Skillz), & Thunder to a losing effort.

YWE Intercontinental Champion & Mr. MITB; Heel TurnEdit

At No Way Out, Angel would defeat Grimez to win the YWE Intercontinental Championship, his first singles title in YWE. At Backlash, Angel would lose the title to Hero, but he would end up winning back the title at Judgement Day in a rematch. At Night Of Champions, Angel would retain the YWE Intercontinental Championship in a match against a debuting Crazy One. At The Great American Bash, Angel would retain the title against Soldier in a Singles Match. At Summerslam, Angel would defeat G-Star to retain the Intercontinental Title. At Unforgiven, Angel would successfully defend the Intercontinental Title in a Scramble Match against Styles E, G-Star, Yung Kash, & Hero. At No Mercy, Angel would defeat Double D to retain the Intercontinental Title. At Survivor Series, Angel would finally lose the Intercontinental Title to Icon in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Hero. At Armageddon, Angel would officially confirm himself as a Heel when he attacked Icon backstage right before their match. Then later that night, Angel would defeat Icon to become a record 3 Time champion.

At Royal Rumble 2010, Angel would enter the Royal Rumble Match as No.12 where he would eliminate 4 superstars (Double D, Crazy One, Yung Kash, & The Natural) until he was eliminated by The Undertaker. At No Way Out, Angel would enter the Elimination Chamber Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship as the 3rd Entrant where he was eliminated by Supahstar B. At Wrestlemania 1, Angel defeat Rogan, Rocker, Phenom, Bruizah, & Icon to become the first ever Mr. MITB. On the Smackdown after WrestleMania 1, Angel would lose the Intercontinental Title to Rocker.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion & Various FeudsEdit

Later that night, Angel would cash in his MITB Briefcase on Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Supahstar B, after he was attacked R.K.O, to become Undisputed Heavyweight Champion for the first time. At Backlash, Angel would retain his Undisputed Title against Supahstar B after Smackdown General Manager G-Star interfered. After Backlash, Angel would enter into a feud with Mr. Black, who became the next No.1 Contender after Blue Star (formerly known as Supahstar B) started feuding with Mr. McCarter. At Extreme Rules, Angel would face Mr. Black in a Last Man Standing Match where it would end in a no contest after Mr. Black speared Angel off the the entrance ramp. At The Bash, Angel would lose the Undisputed Title to Mr. Black in a Steel Cage Match. At Breaking Point , Angel lost in a ironman match for title and he attack Mr. Black. but was attacked by Blue Star. At Bragging Rights he lost to Phsycoz. At Survivor Series Angel lost again to Thunder. At TLC he beat Thunder in a table match. At Elimination Chamber 2011 Angel lost the match to the champ Mr. Black. At WrestleMania 2 he lost to The Undertaker. At Judgement Day Angel defeat The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. After he beat the phenom he challenge Dynamite for Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. At The Bash Angel won the title but then Thunder cash in his contract and won the belt. At Summerslam Angel beat both Thunder and Dynamite for Heavyweight title. At Night of Champions Angel retain his title in a scramble match. At Breaking Point Angel retain again in a last man standing match with help of Fayth who debuted. At Survivor Series he retain one more time the Undisputed title against Antho and Tornado in a triple threat. At TLC Angel retain again in a chairs match against Antho after Fayth help him. At Royal Rumble 2012 he lost by disqualification against The Undertaker because Fayth attacked The Undertaker. At Elimination Chamber Angel retain after won again and become the longer Undisputed Heavyweight champion. At WrestleMania 3 he lost the title against Royal Rumble winner Mr. Black in a 5 star match. Angel challenge Mr. Black in an ironman match but he lost

Face Turn, Pursuit of Undisputed Heavyweight Title & Feud with Blue StarEdit

Angel turn face after he shake his hand at Over the Limit 2012. At Money in the Bank ,he return to save Mr. Black from Dynamite. At Summerslam 2012, he defeat Dynamite. At Survivor Series 2012 him with Dynamite and Rogan form team Smackdown against team Raw who included Blue Star Grimez and Phenom which lost to Raw. At TLC 2012 he team up with Mr. Black against Victor X and Phsycoz , but they lost the match and Victor X retain the Heavyweight title. After the match he was attacked by Victor X and Phsycoz but was saved by Mr. Black. At Royal Rumble 2013 he defeat Victor X to became 4x Undisputed champion. At Elimination Chamber he lost the title back to Victor X after Phsycoz hit him with the title. At WrestleMania 4 he lost the triple threat which was included Phsycoz and the champion Victor X. Angel was drafted to Smackdown and he challenge again Victor X to next ppv.

Angel on Hell in a Cell 2013 poster

At Over The Limit he lost because Blue Star intervened, turning heel. At King Of The Ring he managed to pass through the first round but was defeated by Dark Shark after again Blue Star intervened, but he cost Blue Star victory too, later on, he was attacked by Blue Star backstage. At Money in the Bank, Angel won against Blue Star by disqualification after was hit with a chair, but Blue Star continues his assault hitting Angel many time with the chair and his finisher, leaving him in the ring full of his own blood. At Summerslam, he was defeated by Blue Star after being hit with Mr. Black' finisher. At Night of Champions, Angel completed a spot for world title match but was eliminated by Blue Star, later he come back and cost Blue Star the victory. At Hell in a Cell Angel finally won against Blue Star in last man standing match. At Survivor Series he was captain of his team included Phsycoz and Lula against team Blue Star which included Blue Star Double D and DJ Hero, which team Angel won. At TLC he lost the fatal 4 way ladder match to the champion Shadow. At Royal Rumble he lost the match after was eliminated by the winner Antho. At Elimination Chamber he was included in elimination chamber match for no 1 contender for heavyweight title, but lost to Rocker. At WrestleMania 5 Angel lost the fatal 4 way for the world title to Shadow. At Extreme Rules he lost again to Shadow.

Move to RAW; Multiple Champion & Feud with DJ HeroEdit

Following Extreme Rules, Angel was drafted for first time to Raw with Rocker. At No Way Out him and Rocker defeated The Union for tag team titles, Angel wins his first tag team title. At Money in the Bank they retain the titles against The Union. At Summerslam Rocker lost the tiles in a handicap match after Scott Razor attacked Rocker, Angel completed a match for Ywe title, if he lost he is fired. Angel lost the march but him Antho and Nightmare Kid attack The Union and Lula chash in his contract. At Night Of Champions Angel wants to be hired back Dark Shark but Tornado wants Angel to join The Union, then Angel hit him and Scott Razor with a f-5. At Hell in a Cell Angel lost to tornado in a no dq match. After the hiatus from 2014 until 2016,ywe returned. At house show All Extreme, Angel complete a triple threat for us title, but lost to DJ Hero. Angel wants to be second ever superstar to have all titles in YWE so he challenge DJ Hero at Survivor Series 2016. At Survivor Series, Angel won by count out after DJ, walk away. At TLC 2016 Angel challenge again DJ Hero in a fall count everyway match, where he won. At Royal Rumbel 2017 he retain the us title against DJ Hero, this was last match in this feud.

Various Feuds & Hardcore Champion: 2018 Royal Rumble Winner Edit

Later he entered in Royal Rumble 11th but he was eliminated by Lula after was distracted by Jacob Cass. At Roadblock 2017 he retain his title against Jacob Cass. At WrestleMania 6, he lost the United State championship to Cipher after being attacked by Jacob Cass with a chair. He was drafted back to smackdown after wrestlemania. At Payback 2017 he lost a 2 out of 3 falls match with 1-2 after Fayth powerbomb him at last fall. At Elimination Chamber he came out of nowhere to attack his former bodyguard, Fayth for what happened at Payback. At Money in the Bank he was attacked by Fayth from behind and Fayth would won the match, after that Angel was attacked once again and his former bodyguard powerbomb him through a table. At Summerslam Angel finally beat Fayth in a brutal last man standing and won the Hardcore championship for first time in his career. At Night Of Champions Angel would retain the HC title against Demon Extreme in a TLC match, after he won Shane Hayes comes out to attack Demon, but Angel stop him. At No Mercy, Angel would lose his Hardcore Championship to Shane Hayes in a Triple Threat Match, that also involved Demon Extreme. At Survivor Series Team Smackdown ( Angel, Victor X and Arrow) would beat Team Raw ( Paul Omega, Phsycoz and Lula) in a 6 Man Elimination match. At TLC he lost a Fatal 4 Way to declare the number 1 contender for the UHC but he lost to Arrow (also involving Victor X and Shadow). At Royal Rumble 2018 Angel would win the RR Match for the first time.

SWE (2015)Edit

Debut & Team YWEEdit

Angel along with Mr. Black & Blue Star would make their debuts with SWE (Silvio Wrestling Entertainment) in the SWE Championship Main Event Match at Night Of Champions when they attacked the challenger Mario Sanchez for no apparent reason. At HIAC him, Blue Star and Mr. Black would attack both Lula and Mario Sanchez after their match. For Survivor Series him, Blue Star and Mr. Black will face Mario Sanchez, Arrow and DoggyDog in a 6 man tag team elimination match. At Survivor Series Angel eliminate DoggyDog but later was eliminated by Mario Sanchez, in final Team YWE would won the match after Mr. Black eliminate both Arrow and Mario Sanchez.

DWF (2015) Edit

Season 1: Debut, Intercontinental Champion & Release Edit

XWP (2017-2018) Edit

6 Man Tag Team & Internet Champion Edit

Angel would make his XWP Debut at Wrestlemania 2 where he return to the ring by answering DoggyDog's challenge for the 6 Man Tag Titles. He would team with Mr. Black and Blue Star defeating SWED & DoggyDog winning the 6 Man Tag Titles. On the Smackdown After Wrestlemania 2, Angel would defeat Zack Thompson to become the new Internet Champion, the fourth double champion in the company's history. At Betrayal, Angel would lose the 6 Man Tag Titles to X Bullet Club. At Outlaw he beat Mario Sanchez to retain the Internet title. At Broken Bonds, Angel will defend the Internet Title against Vandy Phoeuk. At Broken Bonds, Angel would defeat Vandy to retain. At Pick Your Poison, Angel would retain his Title against Stunning Bradd via count out and would be attacked by Bradd after the match. At IWA's Survivor Series, Angel would lose the Internet Championship to Cycloper. At Money in the Bank, Angel would take part in Raw's Money in the Bank in a losing effort. At Summerslam's pre-show, Angel would lose to Stunning Bradd to end their mini feud. It was announced on the 22nd April 2018 that Angel's contract expired at Summerslam and there was no plan of any renegotiations when Angel signed the contract before WrestleMania 2.

OCW (2018-present) Edit

It was announced that Angel had signed a deal with OCW and would be making his debut for the company. Angel debuted after the main event of OCW Revolution, appearing in the ring and attacked Jacob Steele who had just won the OCW title, making a claim for the belt.

IWA (2018-Present) Edit

Internet Champion & Feud with Cycloper Edit

Angel would make his IWA Debut as Internet Champion after winning the belt in XWP. He would make his first appearance at Survivor Series S02 where he would lose the Championship to Cycloper in a Triple Threat Match which also involved Vandy Phoeuk. It was thought that it would be Angel's one and only appearance in IWA due to Angel no longer being Internet Champion but he would make a surprise return at Royal Rumble competing in the Rumble match where he would enter at Number 7 and would eliminate Cycloper but he was attacked by Cycloper after eliminating him & then eliminated.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Undisputed Heavyweight Champion - 4x
  • YWE Intercontinental Champion - 3x
  • YWE United States Champion - 1x
  • YWE Tag Team Champion - 1x with Rocker
  • YWE Hardcore Champion - 1x
  • 2010 Mr. Money In The Bank
  • 2018 Royal Rumble Winner
  • Eighth Triple Crown Champion
  • Fifth Grand Slam Champion


  • YIW World Champion - 1x


  • EWE World Heavyweight Champion - 1x


  • DWF Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • XWP 6 Man Tag Team Champion - 1x with Mr. Black & Blue Star
  • XWP Internet Champion - 1x*


  • IWA Internet Champion - 1x*


  • ECCW Internet Champion - 1x*


  • DSW Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • OCW NXT Champion 1x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Wrestlemania 3: Angel (c) vs. Mr. Black
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Over The Limit 2012: Angel vs. Mr. Black (c)
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE TLC 2012: Angel & Mr. Black vs. Victor X (c) & Phsycoz
  • 5 Star Match (2013) - YWE Wrestlemania 4: Angel vs. Victor X (c) vs. Phsycoz
  • 5 Star Match (2013) - YWE Summerslam 2013: Angel vs. Blue Star

*Angel was recognized as Internet Champion in XWP, IWA & ECCW.

Entrance MusicEdit

Theme Song:

  • "Imma Star" by Jeremiah (2008-Present)