Angus made his destructive debut at smackdown. Angus does not like the weak so he decided to brutally attack vega backstage already after he lost his tables match against Jason Howard. Then next week on smackdown Angus made a cocky anoucment saying I wanted to give all ELW superstars a message. That message told them whoever tries to get in my way will be crushed. After that week he had already got a 20 day streak of winning his matches. Then after crushing many ELW superstars he planned to get the world heavy weight champion. At night of champions he finnaly got what he wanted the world heavy weight champion. It was an intense battle but Angus ended on top.But the Vega still had the grudge for what Angus did to him at smackdown. So Vega demanded a match against Angus, and he got it. So Angus and Vega brawled. Angus was just about to win the match until Vega irishwipped Angus onto the referree. So then the ref was knocked out. Then outcame the Grish behind Angus with a chair, then wacked him with it. Then the Grish woke up the ref then counted 1,2,3. Vega won the match. Until then the Grish and Vega formed a tag team. With the help of Tar Angus hits Lula with a chair and gets the pin The Owner and General manger comes out to tell Angus he has one more opponent which was Younes Xevion and he hit angus with his finisher and won the title. At Smackdown Lula and Justin Electric met in a steel Cage with Angus and Tar first one to get out the steel cage was angus then lula when Justin tried to climb the cage then tar try to send hm down but Justin elbowed tar in the face. after the match Angus hated tar and left him out alone in the ring .

Career AccomplishmentsEdit


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • ELW Champion - 1x
  • Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • Money In The Bank Winner
  • Slammy Awards Most Shocking Moment