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Archangel in WWE'13

Archangel, is an original CAW, is currently signed to the online federation OWF (Online Wrestling Federation).

OCW (2011-2013;2017-Present)Edit

Debut, Intercontinental Champion and departureEdit

Archangel made his OCW debut on the first episode of OCW by defeating Cody Rhodes to become the first ever OCW Intercontinental Champion. He would hold the title 2 months before dropping the title to Pletcher. He was then released from his contract.

Re-debut and feud with PletcherEdit

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Archangel after his win over Pletcher

It was reported that Archangel had signed a new contract with the promotion. He re-debuted at Extreme Rules where he teamed with Alex Cousins in a losing effort to The Ninja and Greg Savior. At TLC, he competed for the Intercontinental Championship but lost. Prior to the match, he brawled with Pletcher backstage, starting a rivalry between the two. At the Royal Rumble, he attacked Pletcher with a led pipe before Pletcher's match with JZ for the Intercontinental Championship. He also entered the Rumble match but did not win. He went on to Elimination Chamber to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Elimination Chamber Match but failed to win the title. At Wrestlemania, he faced rival Pletcher in an extreme rules match but lost. Archangels losing ways would end when he faced Pletcher at Summerslam in a tables match and won. Soon after, Pletcher was released from his contract, ending their feud. At Survivor Series, Archangel was injured by long time rival Pletcher and the Ascension.


Archangel returned from injury on the second episode of OCW Nitro. He competed in the #1 contender tournament and defeated Omega in the first round. He then lost to The Ninja in the second round.

3rd OCW Run Edit

Archangel was contacted by general manager DJ Hero and signed him to a new deal. He made is re-debut at OCW Comeback Night 1 where he defeated Gluckman, The Generic and Hollywood in a fatal 4 way. He appeared on Night 2 of Comeback where he competed for the World Heavyweight Championship in a losing effort. His next appearance was on OCW Smackdown Episode 1, where he defeated Cam Jones. He then teamed with Johnny Extreme at Episode 4 of Smackdown in a losing effort to Joe Angelo and Mike House. He competed at Backlash in a losing effort to Johnny Extreme.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Intercontinental Champion- 1x