• TotalBurn

    Greetings people!

    Long time no see,maybe some of you still remember me,its been 5 years since i logged in here,6 years since i joined,

    back then i had the vision to actually start a CAW wrestling show named VENGEANCE,this idea is in my mind for much longer tho,maybe close to 7-8 years,since SvR2011.Back in 2013 i launched my show with many of your CAWs actually joining me,uploaded a HL show and a full length PPV

    all of you actually embraced me to go further,and then things went down.

    I actually was disapointed,mostly to myself,i was expecting more from me back then,i disliked my own show and made it disappear,

    this was because of 2 things,i had actually high hopes for my show,and i also was struggling with some personal stuff.

    Come to this day,


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  • Soto 5535
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  • Xaypay
    • Mr. McMahon opens up the first episode
    • John Cena vs. Chris Jericho - World Heavyweight Championship
      • John Cena wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho now the past champion though, Brock Lesnar attacks him with the championship.
    • After the break, Stone Cold comes out to update on John Cena, he then states he doesn't care and wants a title shot, John Cena accepts the challenge for the Royal Rumble
      • Match is announced for Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Heavyweight Championship
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