As part of the CAW Wrestling Observer, the C.W.O rates each match out of 5 Stars to determine just how good they were, based off of: storytelling, coordination, action, etc. These matches have scored a 5 Star rating, or even above, by the heads of the CAW Wrestling Observer DoggyDog & PME Morales, due to their outstanding coordination and storytelling and their action packed wrestling skills.

6 Star MatchEdit

This is a special rating given by DoggyDog & PME Morales for matches that exceeded the 5 Star Rating System due to it's excellence. Only 4 Matches in all history of CAW have earned this rating.

  1. YWE WrestleMania 4: The Undertaker vs. Mr. Black
  2. YWE WrestleMania 5: Mr. Black vs. Blue Star
  3. DWF WrestleMania 2: Francaios (c) vs. Roacher vs. DoggyDog
  4. AWC G1 Climax I Tokyo Dome 2017: Arrow vs. Amber

5.5 Star MatchEdit

One of the more rare ratings in CWO, only one match has achieved this rating.

  1. AWC/DWF/TWE Clash Of The Worlds: RockyN vs Johnny Extreme

5.25 Star Match Edit

Another of the more rare ratings in CWO, only one match has achieved this rating.

  1. EWE Summerslam S04: Arrow vs Roacher

List of 5 Star MatchesEdit


  1. YWE Wrestlemania 6: The Undertaker vs. Phenom
  2. YWE WrestleMania 2Blue Star vs. Shawn Michaels
  3. YWE Summerslam 2011: Mr. Black vs. Blue Star
  4. YWE Summerslam 2011: Phsycoz (c) vs. Double D
  5. YWE Hell In A Cell 2011: Phsycoz vs. Double D
  6. YWE WrestleMania 3: Victor X (c) vs. Phenom
  7. YWE WrestleMania 3: Angel (c) vs. Mr. Black
  8. YWE Over The Limit 2012: Mr. Black (c) vs. Angel
  9. YWE Summerslam 2012: Victor X vs. Phsycoz
  10. YWE Summerslam 2012: Phenom (c) vs. Double D
  11. YWE TLC 2012: Victor X (c) & Phsycoz vs. Mr. Black & Angel
  12. YWE WrestleMania 4: Victor X (c) vs. Angel vs. Phsycoz
  13. YWE WrestleMania 4: Double D (c) vs. PJ Skillz
  14. YWE Summerslam 2013: Blue Star vs. Angel 
  15. YWE Royal Rumble 2014: Crazy One (c) vs. PJ Skillz 
  16. YWE WrestleMania 5: PJ Skillz (c) vs. Antho
  17. YWE Over The Limit 2014: Phenom vs. Mario Sanchez
  18. YWE All Extreme 2014Shadow (c) vs. Phenom
  19. YWE Wrestlemania 6: Victor X (c) vs. Silvio


  1. DWF Hell In A Cell S01: AJ Reyes vs. DoggyDog 
  2. DWF WrestleMania 1: Rocky'N (c) vs. PJ Skillz
  3. DWF WrestleMania 1: DoggyDog (c) vs. Arrow
  4. DWF Money In The Bank S02: Arrow (c) vs. Rocky'N
  5. DWF Summerslam S02: Arrow (c) vs. Amazing Troy
  6. DWF Summerslam S02: Rocky'N (c) vs. Shawn vs. AJ Reyes
  7. DWF Hell In A Cell S02: K2K (c) vs. AJ Reyes 
  8. DWF WrestleMania 2: Rocky'N (c) vs. Shawn
  9. DWF Money In The Bank S03: K2K (c) vs. Arrow
  10. DWF Money In The Bank S03: Triple X (c) vs. AJ Reyes
  11. DWF Summerslam S03: Roacher (c) vs. Mike House
  12. DWF Summerslam S03: BerSeck (Hunter, Blade & Savior) (c) vs. Vandy Phoeuk, Casablanca & Maxakrer
  13. DWF No Way Out S03: Max Mercury (c) vs Brett Storm
  14. DWF Wrestlemania 3: Shawn (c) v. Hunter
  15. DWF Wrestlemania 3: DoggyDog v. Mr. Black


  1. YCW/DWF Invasion: Mr. Black vs. Mario Sanchez


  1. EWE Survivor Series S03: Triple X & SWED (Roacher & Francaios) vs. RFT (Mario Sanchez, AJ Reyes, & Arrow)
  2. EWE Royal Rumble S04: Rocky'N (c) vs. Arrow
  3. EWE WrestleMania 3: Phenom (c) vs. Mario Sanchez 
  4. EWE WrestleMania 3: Scott Jay vs. Arrow
  5. EWE Summerslam S04: Shawn (c) vs. K2K


  1. RpW WrestleMania 1: DoggyDog (c) vs. Jake Navor
  2. RpW Summerslam S02: Casablanca vs. Matt 
  3. RpW Hell In A Cell S02: Casablanca vs. Matt
  4. RpW Royal Rumble S02: Mr. X (c) vs. Francaios
  5. RpW Wrestlemania 2: Roacher (c) v. Francaios


  1. YXW Madison Square Garden S01: DoggyDog (c) vs. Mario Sanchez 
  2. YXW Road to GoldMax Mercury (c) vs. Brett Storm
  3. YXW Redemption: Brett Storm (c) vs. Herosta


  1. AWC Money In The Bank 2016: Rocky'N (c) vs. Chris Zero vs. PJ Skillz.
  2. AWC Unforgiven 2016: Shawn vs. Mario Sanchez.
  3. AWC G1 Climax Day 2 B Block 2016: Roacher vs. Shawn.
  4. AWC G1 Climax Day 4 B Block 2016: Scott Jay vs. Mario Sanchez.
  5. AWC G1 Climax I Tokyo Dome 2017: Hunter vs. Jason Cage.
  6. AWC ECW Death Games 2017: Mega Stars vs SWED.
  7. AWC ECW Death Games 2017: Mega Stars vs Zero-1 (c).
  8. AWC No Mercy 2017: Shawn (c) vs. Rocky'N vs. Mario Sanchez.
  9. AWC Payback 2017: Shawn (c) vs. Roacher.
  10. AWC Manhatten Mayhem 2017: Max (c) vs. Hardcore Brody
  11. AWC The Great American Bash 2017: Jason Cage (c) vs. DoggyDog.
  12. AWC All Star Weekend II: Phenom vs Scott Jay.
  13. AWC All Star Weekend II: Shawn (c) vs. Hunter vs. Casablanca.
  14. AWC King Of Pro-Wrestling 2018: Arrow (c) vs Matt.
  15. AWC Armageddon 2018: Shawn (c) v. Mario Sanchez v. Scott Jay.
  16. AWC Summerslam 2018Arrow (c) v. Mercury
  17. AWC Summerslam 2018: Shawn (c) v. Casablanca


  1. XWP Wrestlemania 1: Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Angel Alexander, Stunning Bradd, & Mr. Macho) (c) vs. Chris Danger, Jake Navor, & Connor
  2. XWP Outlaw S02: Arrow (c) vs. DoggyDog
  3. XWP Survivor Series II: Brett Storm (c) vs. Matteo
  4. XWP WrestleMania 2: Stunning Bradd (c) vs. Mr. Macho vs. Angel Alexander
  5. XWP NXT Take Over: Dublin: Brendan X (c) vs. Rocky Crippler vs. Shawn Sokolov
  6. XWP Summerslam S03: Mr Macho (c) vs Angel Alexander
  7. XWP Psychopath S03: Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne (c) vs SWED (Francaios & Roacher)
  8. XWP Nightmares S03: Sean Avery (c) vs Mr Macho
  9. XWP Survivor Series S03: Sean Avery (c) vs Angel Alexander
  10. All-Star Tournament First Round: Angel Alexander vs Mr Macho
  11. All-Star Tournament Second Round: Shawn vs Jacob Cass

Total Impact:Edit

  1. Total Impact Extreme Rules: Jake Navor vs Brett Storm (c)


  1. NHBW Blitzkrieg: Nick Rich vs Angel Alexander
  2. NHBW War of Supremacy: Quincy Demont (c) vs Aaron Young
  3. NHBW War of Supremacy: Clark The Great (c) vs Brett Storm vs Maximus Mondragon


  1. TWE Unforgiven: SWED (Francaios & Roacher) (c) vs. Attitude Honor (Mario Sanchez & Scott Jay)


  1. ENA Battleground 2017: Ahmi del Razek (c) vs. DoggyDog
  2. ENA Summerslam 2017: Nuru vs. J.B Black
  3. ENA Wrestlemania 5Herosta v. Jacob Cass

IWA: Edit

  1. IWA Summerslam S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander, Brett Storm, Mahadi Khan, Matteo & Mohammad Khan) (c) vs DoggyDog, SWED (Roacher & Francaios), Max Mercury & Demon Spyke
  2. IWA Survivor Series S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander (c), Brett Storm (c), Mahadi Khan (c), Matteo, Mohammad Khan (c) & Sean Avery (c)) vs Team Bring It (DoggyDog & Arrow), SWED (Francaios & Roacher), Max Mercury (c) & Flamer
  3. IWA Royal Rumble S02: DoggyDog (c) vs Arrow


  1. PWF Noche De Campeones: DoggyDog v. Mario Sanchez


  1. PASW Breaking Point 2018: Adrian Destiny (c) v. Mario Sanchez