Curtis is an original CAW who is currently signed with the CAW promotion ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). 

ELW (2011-present)Edit

Curtis made his ELW debut at Danger Zone in a tag team match, teaming with his brother Zachary in a winning effort. He and Zachary would challenge X-Rated (Chris "Superstar" Stevens & Tokojin) for the World Tag Team Championships in a ladder match at The Great American Bash and capture the belts. The two would only hold the titles for a month before dropping them to British Savior & The English Luchador at Beach Party Slam. It was reported that Curtis had requested some time off to deal with personal issues at home and was placed on the inactive list. Curtis made his return by saving Zachary from a post-match assult by Burke. At Backlash, he and Zachary would faced against Justin Blair & John X for the ELW Tag Team Championships only to betrayed Zachary after a tag was made, Curtis and allowed Blair to cover him. Later, Zachary was released from his contract. At Extreme Rules, Curtis was faced against the newcomer Sigma Scorpion but lost. At Danger Zone, was faced with CJ Phoenix in a Extreme Rules match, but lost again. At Saturday Night's Main Event, replacement Dark Shade who was attacked by misterious someone before the show and competed in a Extreme Rules-4 Way to declare a number one contender for the Hardcore Championship in a lossing effort. At The Bash, will compete in a Battle Royal to declare a number one contender for the ELW/World Heavyweight Championship but in losing effort.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • World Tag Team Champion - 1x with Zachary
  • Hardcore Champion - 1x