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Greg Savior in WWE'13

Greg "True" Savior, is an original CAW and he is currently signed to OCW (Online Championship Wrestling)

OCW (2011-2013; 2018-present)Edit

Debut and SyndicateEdit

Greg made his OCW debut in a losing effort to Silverfox. Greg then teamed with The Ninja at Extreme Rules in a winning effort over Archangel and Alex Cousins. Greg then alligned himself with Caesar Dan and Omega in a new stable called The Syndicate. They interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match between The Ninja and DJ Hero . Due to the interference, Greg was forced to be the first entrant in the Rumble match. He was also the first eliminated by Jacknife Zac. He and Omega earned a Tag Team Title shot at Elimination Chamber. The two
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Greg with the Intercontinental Championship

would go on to defeat Rockstars (Joe Angelo and The Wingman) to become the new tag champs. They would only hold the titles for a month before dropping them to DJ Hero and JZ .

Return to Singles Competition; Intercontinental ChampionEdit

After Caesar Dan's departure from the company, Savior and Omega parted ways to focus on their single's careers. Greg competed in the first Championship Scramble match but lost. His next appearance came at Cyber Vengeance where he was voted to compete for the Intercontinental Championship against The Wingman. He was victorious and he is still the reigning champion. He did not show up to Smackdown, so by order of chairman Jerry Lawler, Savior is defended his title in a Fatal 4 Way battle royal agains Alex Cousins, Radke and Sumaritin and lost the belt to Alex Cousins. Savior then entered a 16 man tournament to declare a number one contender for the World Championship, and defeated DJ Hero in the first round. He then defeated The Wingman in the second round. In the final round of the tournament, Greg Savior won a Fatal 4 Way Steel Cage Match to become number one contender at Night of Champions.

2nd OCW Run Edit

Greg would make his return to OCW in the 2nd Royal Rumble match only to be eliminated seconds after his entry by The Generic. Greg would face Dalton Angel at OCW NXT Takeover in a losing effort. Greg has been announced to be apart of the Intercontinental Championship match at OCW Clash of Champions.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Intercontinental Champion- 1x
  • Tag Team Champions- 1x with Omega