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Lula ELW Entrance-1360730701


Alula Negus better known as Lula in ELW a great superstar From ELW and his first show his second show he is in is YWE (youtube wrestling entertainment) and a former OCW superstar he is also currently in WCA (Wrestlig Champion Attitude) . He is a former ELW champ and World Heavyweight Champion. Brothers: Ginji and Kid Wild

ELW (2010 - Present)Edit

Debut; ELW Championships and various feuds.Edit

Lula IC Champ

Lula in WWE '13

Lula made his debut in the game Wrestlemania XIX he made an impact to ELW by Derrin Bishops  introducing his opponet which was his friend.Derrin Bishops told his friend Lula that he wanted to fight Lula for his championship but lost. When ELW was never on youtube and just recorded for fun it moved to Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and thats when Lula faced Zie Chang for his ELW title. Lula then went off as a ELW Champion. When his brother Kid Wild lost his tag team champion he went for his brother, which then they had a friendly rivalry. When they got to Judgement Day Lula retained his title by a KO through the table. While Lula was a threat to ELW Tar was a bigger threat and he was a #1 contender for Lula's title he ambushed Lula i
ELW lula
n and out the ring. Until Lula's brother said they were tired of their brother getting injured then Tar got a handicap match between Kid Wild and Domination. Then Tar had a few friend in the back named Prohibited and Mark Mathews. When Summer Slam came it was the two brothers vs Prohibited and Mark Mathews. and in a Hell in a cell Tar won with the help of Lula's injury's. Lula did not let the injury stop him he was drafted into Smackdown and then had his first match in Smackown with facing T-man and Lula won. Lula came back at with a attitude to win he then got moved down to the intercontinental level he made an announcement at Smackdown that he will face Danny Pearson for the Intercontinental Champoinship he wanted to win. In a Ladders match he was better then ever and had the win over Danny at Extreme Rules. Lula soon had a winning reign and beat Burke and The Natural in a triple threat match and also won. When Lula met Tar in the backstage again he wanted to show Tar injury or not he can beat him. So in a no disqualification match he beat Tar keeping his title but Angus also made a return ambushing Lula. Now the meet at the bash and without any notice of the ref Tar came to help Angus and angus gets the pin but Justin eletric comes out to help a friend and attacks Tar but Mr.Al comes out to tell Angus he has another opponet and there was Younes Xevion in a finisher to Angus and take the title away from Lula and Angus. Lula and Justin Electric were in a tag team steel cage match between tar and angus and Justin and Lula won making lula a contender for the intercontinental championship. At MITB it was Younes Xevion Lula and Angus and in a triple threat match angus was the first to be eleminated then it was Lula being pinned by Younes Xevion but then they both shook hands.He started smackdown by confronting with Nitro and tell him he does not care which YUW superstar comes he will still be superior. Later Lula and Kid Wild saved there cousin A-X from nitro attacking him.

YWE (2012-present)Edit

Debut & Bro CodeEdit

United States Champion & Feud with J2 RedEdit

Feud with Grimez & Antho; YWE ChampionEdit

Heel Turn & Tag Team ChampionEdit

PASW (2013-nowadays)Edit

Lula made his appearance after Adrian Destiny defeated Rob Van Dam for the PASW Undisputed Championship at PASW In Ur House: The Summer Slam!, challenging Destiny to a championship match at PASW Anniversary Bash. Lula went to face Adrian destiny it was a brutla fight one if adrian destiny's members went to go intefere but that did not stop lula in the middle of the match ELW Alex which is Lula's friend attacked him and Adrian destiny then put a pinfall on top of Lula to make Adrian destiny win 

WCA (2013-present)Edit

It was reported that Lula had signed a contract with WCA (Wrestling Championship Attitude). When he will debut is unknown Lula made his WCA debut at Royal Rumble for the National Chamionship and he won. Then at Rebellion Alex Mins had a rematch versus Lula but before the match he got attacked by black and still went out for his match but lost to alex mins. At wrestlemaia Bro Code had a 4 on 4 match vs the colors and udertaker was teamed up with Bro Code and they won. At judgment day he send his #1 contendership for the heavywhieght title to his brother Kid Wild. At crash Bro Code (Lula and Domination) for the tag titles and both tag teams were attacked by the colors.At money in the bank it was a tag turmoil  and Bro Code beat Green Power and Red Demon and they also beat the X-team aka Corporation-X ad Hero and Angelo then when dead man and savior cam out savior F-5 dominatio and got pinned.At hell in Georgia Bro Code faced Savior and Deadman again and and deadman betrayed Savior and Lula pinned savior and  Bro code was champions again. Lula was fighting for his World Heavywheight champion at Brawl vs Big Dad and Kamikaze and he was in a great fight and reatained his title. Kamikaze and Lula shook hands.

SWE (2014-present)Edit

Debut & Intercontinental ChampionEdit

On February 16, 2014 Lula sign a contract with the SWE which finds the close brothers and together Domination and Kid Wild reforming Bro Code, on the same night on RAW will be announced Lula will be part of Wrestlemania 1. At Wrestlemania Lula challenge The Emo and AJ Reyes in a Triple threat match for the United States Championship, but loses after being pinned by AJ Reyes. Lula is set to face Kenneth at Extreme Rules. At  Extreme Rules 2014 after a fought match Lula defeat Kenneth with the Emrald Fusion. At king of the ring he was saved by Antho to chair attack by Rocker but he lose in the semifinal agains Sdollao. At Money in the Bank 2014 challenge the Intercontinental champion Joshie P and Jack 2D in a triple threat but he can not win the title. At Summerslam challenge Joshie P in a tables match and after a fought match Lula finally wins the intercontinental Championship. On the Raw after Summerslam, Lula would defeat Joshie P in a rematch to retain the title, afterwards he would be attacked the No.1 Contender Kenneth. At Night of Champions, Lula would retain the Intercontinental Title against the No.1 Contender Kenneth. At No Way Out, Lula would defeat Joshie P & Kenneth in a Triple Threat Match to keep the Intercontinental Title. At Hell in a Cell lose the Intercontinental title against the new Superstar Rio Best.

Feud with Trevor Nitro & Francesco; 2015 King Of The Ring Winner Edit

At Survivor Series loses the opportunity to regain the title as the first is distracted, ensuring the pinfall Best of Rio, and then attacked by the new SWE Superstar Trevor Nitro, who shortly after Lula accused of being just a loser. At TLC, Lula would defeat Trevor Nitro in a Singles Match. At Royal Rumble, Lula would defeat Trevor Nitro again in a rematch. Later that night, Lula entered the Royal Rumble Match where he managed to eliminate AJ Reyes & Arrow and make it to Final Four until he was eliminated by Mario Sanchez. At Elimination Chamber he competed in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber. He eliminated Mattista before Sdollao eliminated him. At WrestleMania, Lula & his brothers Ginji & Kid Wild would defeat The Killers (The Emo, The Punk, & Drogy) in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. At Extreme Rules compete in a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship but he fails to win the title. Lula began a feud with former World Champion Hevyweight , Francesco , both eager to get a title shot soon for SWE Championship . the two colliding the first time at Over The Limit 2015 where after a match fought and Lula to take home the victory , but Francesco did not accept defeat and a fight breaks out between the two after the match , at Payback is enshrined a rematch, a No Disqualification Match. At Payback, Lula would lose the No Disqualification Match to Francesco. At King Of The Ring, Lula would compete in the King Of The Ring Tournament where he defeated Johnny Extreme in the first round and Arrow in the Semi Finals. Lula's Feud with Francesco would extend to the Finals of the KOTR Tournament where Lula would defeat Francesco to become the 2015 King Of The Ring Winner. At Money In The Bank, King Lula would defeat Santen in a Singles Match.

SWE ChampionEdit

At Summerslam, Lula would defeat Mario Sanchez in a Singles Match fair and square to become the new SWE Champion. At Night Of Champions, Lula would retain his SWE title against Mario Sanchez in a Mexico City Street Fight after Mr. Black, Blue Star, & Angel came in during the match to attack Mario. Afterwards it was announced that Lula would face Mario in a fair rematch in a HIAC Match so no one can interfere. At Hell In A Cell, Lula would defeat Mario Sanchez fair & square once again in a Hell In A Cell Match. After the match, Team YWE would attack again this time also attacking Lula, laying him out. Once Team YWE cleared the ring Antho would come out to cash in his MITB Contract to defeat Lula and become the new SWE Champion. At Survivor Series Lula would lose his rematch clause against Antho.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Lula had signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling). When he will debut is unknown.

YIW (2015-Present)Edit

ECW Champion; Feud With TornadoEdit

Lula would debut with YIW (YouTube Impact Wrestling) at the Royal Rumble event where he would defeat The Show to win the ECW Title in his debut match. At Elimination Chamber he lost to Arrow after Arrow pinned The Show. At Wrestlemania Arrow beat him an extreme rules match. At Raw after wm Tornado along with Rio Best and Hektor, attacked Lula until his bros made the save. This made a 6 man tag at Extreme Rules which Bro Code won.

MWF (2015-present)Edit

It was reported that Lula had signed a contract with the new CAW promotion MWF. He will debut at MWF's first ever CPV show, Fast Lane, where he will face Rio Best in a Singles Match. At Fast Lane, Lula would face Rio Best to a No Contest after Silvio showed up and attacked Rio Best. After missing both WrestleMania 1 & Extreme Rules, it was announced that Lula would challenge Miltos X for the MWF World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out. At No Way Out, Lula would lose to Miltos X in a Singles Match after three superstars attacked him during the match allowing Miltos X to pull off the win. One of those men would be revealed as James Mac. At Battleground, Lula would lose to James Mac under the same circumstances after he was attacked by Michael Mendoza during the match allowing James Mac to win the match. Afterwards, Lula would take a hiatus from MWF. After not appearing at 3 straight CPVs, it was announced that Lula would make his return at Ring Of Honor in a Singles Match for the MWF Championship against MWF Champion Gon. At Ring Of Honor, Lula would lose after he got annihilated in his MWF Title Match against Gon. At Over The Limit, The Bro Code (Lula, Kid Wild, & Ginji) was scheduled to compete in a 6 Man Tag Team Match against the Monster X Gamers, but they would be attacked by them before their match and the match would end up not even starting. Lula would get a chance at revenge against Monster X Gamers when it was announced that he would face MXG Leader & MWF World Heavyweight Champion Miltos X in a Triple Threat Match that also involves Vixx. At Hell In A Cell, Lula would lose to Miltos X in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Vixx.

YXW (2015-2016)Edit

Season 1-2: Debut & Championship Pursuit; DepartureEdit

It was reported that Lula had signed a contract with YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) and is said to debut soon. Lula would make his YXW debut at WrestleMania 1 where he would defeat Raider X in his debut Match. At Unforgiven, Lula would continue his winning ways in a Gauntlet Match where he defeated Triple X, 2 Good, & Tyson Young. At Money In The Bank, Lula would challenge Saint T for his YXW Hardcore Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. However during the match, Lula would be attacked by The Guru and it would cost him the match. He would face the guru one on one in summerslam. At Summerslam, Lula would lose a Singles Match against The Guru Xa'Kal. At Wrestlemania 2, Lula, along with Ginji, would team up with Brett Storm to take on a new Heel stable, The X Bullet Club, in a 6 Man Tag Team Match where whoever gets pinned must leave RAW. Lula would wind up getting pinned, forcing his removal from the RAW Roster. Lula would immediately move over to Smackdown where he challenged XCW Champion Silvio to a title match at the next Smackdown exclusive CPV. At Battleground, Lula would lose to Silvio in a match for the XCW Championship. This would end up being Lula's last appearance with the company as Lula's contract would expire shortly after Summerslam and wouldn't be renewed.

XWP (2016-present) Edit

Season 1: World Heavyweight Champion Edit

Lula made his XWP Debut on the first episode winning a Number 1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way for a World Title match at Pride. At Pride, Lula would lose to Champion Brett Storm by DQ after Storm got attacked by Max Mercury and X Bullet Club. Lula would then be attacked by Max Mercury & Kenny Taylor. At Outlaw, Lula would win the XWP World Heavyweight Championship beating Brett Storm & Lula in a Triple Threat. However Lula would lose the Title 3 weeks later to Matteo when he issued an open challenge on the SD before Unbreakable. At Unbreakable, Lula would lose in his rematch to Matteo. After missing out on Summerslam, Lula would face PJ Skillz at Psychopath in a winning effort. Lula would also bring his friends of the Bro Code along to Psychopath and celebrate with them after the match. At Survivor Series. Lula would represent Smackdown in the Survivor Series Gauntlet Match. Lula would eliminate Mahadi Khan & Joshie P before being eliminated by Arrow. At Destruction, Lula would compete (and lose) in a number 1 contenders Battle Royal. At WrestleMania, Lula would lose to Internet Champion Seth Turner.

Season 2: Brand Switches & 6 Man Tag Team Division Edit

Lula would be drafted to Raw on the Raw after WM. At Money in the Bank, Lula would lose in a fatal 4 way for the US Title. After Summerslam, Lula would be traded back to Smackdown. At Psychopath S02, Lula would team with Ginji & Kid Wild in a losing effort against X Bullet Club's Zack Thompson, PJ Skillz & Reggie Killer. At Destruction, Bro Code would defeat Gore, Perkins & Johnny Extreme to become No. 1 Contenders to the 6 Man Tag Team Titles. At Royal Rumble, Lula would lose along with his Bro Code partners to SWED in their attempt to win the 6 Man Tag Titles. Lula would then enter the Royal Rumble at number 26 and would last for a couple minutes before being eliminated by Arrow.

Season 3: Heel Turn & Feud with Bro CodeEdit

At Broken Bonds, Bro Code would have a chance at the XWP 6 Man Tag Team Championships against the X Bullet Club but was unsuccessful. Later in the night, Lula would attack his teammates Ginji & Kid Wild turning heel for the first time in XWP. At Money in the Bank, Lula would compete in the Smackdown MITB Match but would lose after interference from Ginji & Kid Wild. Lula would return the favour by attacking them after their Internet Title Match against Cycloper. At Summerslam, Lula would face Ginji & Kid Wild in a Winner Stays in XWP Match in which Lula would win, keeping his job. At Royal Bash, Lula would lose his qualifier when he teamed with Killer Kai in a losing effort against Jackson Montgomery & The Caretaker. On the Smackdown after Summerslam, Lula would win and lose the ECCW Hardcore Title (which was brought to XWP by Nick Rich).

EEW (2017-present) Edit

Lula made his EEW Debut at Summerslam answering Brett Storm's US Open Challenge in a losing effort. Whether this was a one night deal is yet to be announced.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • ELW Champion - 4x
  • World Heavyweight Champion - 2x (Current)
  • Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • 2010 Royal Rumble Winner


  • YWE Champion - 1x 
  • YWE United States Champion - 1x
  • YWE Tag Team Champion- 1x with Ginji
  • 2014 RAW Mr. MITB
  • 2013 Feud of the Year
  • Tenth Triple Crown Champion


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • National Champion - 1x
  • WCA Tag Team Champion - 1x with Bro Code & Mario Sanchez (Freebird Rule)
  • First Triple Crown Champion


  • SWE Champion - 1x 
  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x
  • 2015 King Of The Ring


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x  
  • ECW Champion - 1x
  • Season 3 Royal Rumble Winner


  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x  


  • ECW Champion - 1x
  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x  


  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x (Current)


  • Hardcore Champion - 3x

Knickname and Theme SongEdit

Lula as IC-Champion

Lula as Intercontinental Champion.


The Legit one

Theme Song Edit

Fly Together - Red Cafe