Mahadi Khan is a wrestler from the world of CAW. He is signed with XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion), IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance), JPW (Joshie P Wrestling), ECCW (Extreme CAW Championship Wrestling) YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) and ENA (European Nonstop Action). Mahadi Khan was the first ever XWP Champion and was a part of the R.K.O. stable in XWP. He is the older brother of fellow CAW Wrestler Mohammad Khan. Mahadi Khan is also a 5x World Champion (1x XWP, 1x XWP World, 1x ECCW, 1x PWF, 1x RCW).

XWP (2016-present) Edit

Season 1: XWP Champion & Revival of R.K.OEdit

Mahadi Khan debuted in XWP facing Jacob Cass in the first episode, beating him in the process. The next week Mahadi Khan had a chance to be Number 1 Contender to PJ Skillz's Intercontinental Championship in a battle royal but ended up losing. Then Mahadi won a Fatal 4 Way to qualify for a Ladder match for the XWP Championship. He would win that title against Duncan Cunner at Pride thanks to the help of Kev Deisal. He would become Raw's World Champion as a result. The next night he would surprisingly lose to Joshie P after a small package. Mahadi and Kev would beat down Joshie after before Jacob Cass, who Mahadi screwed out of the XWP IC Title, saved Joshie. He is set to defend the XWP Championship against Silvio and Jacob Cass at the Outlaw CPV. At Outlaw, Mahadi Khan would lose the XWP Championship to Jacob Cass. At Conflict after a long battle with Jacob Cass, he would lose in his attempt to reclaim the title. At Summerslam, Mahadi Khan (along with fellow RKO Members Scott Razor and Kev Deisal) would defeat Smackdown's Phenom, Duncan Cunner and Mart War in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. The next night, he would say that XWP shouldn't be letting WWE Superstars and legends in XWP so he wants to take out WWE Legends, he started by beating Brutus Beefcake. Then at XWP Nightmares, he would defeat Tatanka. MK is scheduled to be a part of Team Raw to face Team Smackdown at Survivor Series. Mahadi Khan would enter the Royal Rumble at number 15 and would eliminate 9 superstars (Seth Turner, Sean Avery, Stunning Bradd, Duncan Cunner, Straight Code Star, Arrow, Morpheus, Kenny Taylor & Mr Macho). On the Raw after Royal Rumble Mahadi Khan would be attacked by Undertaker. At Danger Zone, the RKO would defeat the Four Horsemen. Mahadi Khan would accept the challenge of The Undertaker for a match at WrestleMania. At Wretslemania, Mahadi Khan would lose to Undertaker.

Season 2: Feud with Undertaker, Mr. MITB & World Heavyweight Champion Edit

On the Raw after WM, Mahadi lost to longtime rival in XWP Jacob Cass due to Undertaker's mind games. This resulted in an Extreme Rules match at Outlaw S2 which Mahadi would win after Kev Deisal interfered during the match and 3 Curb Stomps. After the match, he would hit another Curb Stomp this time on a ladder. He is set to face United States Champion Curtis Stunt at Reckoning for the Title. At Reckoning, Mahadi would lose to Curtis after Undertaker returned and hit a tombstone on MK. At Money in the Bank, MK will compete in the MITB Match. MK would win the Money in the Bank match beating, DoggyDog, Anthony Payne, Max Mercury, Jacob Cass & Demon Extreme. At Summerslam, MK would defeat Undertaker in the first ever Hell Bound Match. At Nightmares, Mahadi Khan and the rest of RKO would lose to SWED. After the match, Kev Deisal & Scott Razor got into each others faces starting tension in the team. Later in the night, Mahadi would attack Chris Jericho and announce that Chris is the last legend he needs to kill. At Survivor Series, MK would beat Chris Jericho, ending his career. Later in the night, Mahadi would cash in his Money in the Bank on Smackdown's World Champion Brett Storm despite being on Raw. He would win the World Title as a result. On his final Raw, he would successfully defend his Title against former RKO member, Scott Razor. At Destruction, Mahadi Khan would retain his Title against Brett Storm and then get into a brawl with Alieus on the stage. At Royal Rumble, Mahadi would defeat Matteo & Alieus for the World Title. At Unforgiven, Mahadi would retain against Alieus, Shadow & Duncan Cunner. He would then be attacked by Brett Storm but would be saved by Matteo, who would then hit Mahadi with a chair. At WrestleMania, Mahadi would lose the World Title to Brett Storm.

Season 3: Feud with Cycloper Edit

On the Smackdown after WrestleMania, Mahadi Khan would lose his rematch for the World Title after Shadow cost him the Title because of the confrontation backstage the two had. At Betrayal, Mahadi would lose to Shadow. At Broken Bonds, he would lose to Cycloper. At Money in the Bank, Mahadi Khan would compete in the Smackdown MITB Match but would be unsuccessful after Cycloper interfered and attacked everyone. At Summerslam, MK was supposed to challenge Cycloper for the Internet Title but he and Brett Storm would be attacked before the bell by Cycloper, ending the match in a no contest. At Royal Bash, MK's chance at competing in a qualifier would be scrapped after Cycloper attacked him. On the SD after Summerslam, Mahadi Khan would face Cycloper but would lose once again. At Psychopath, Mahadi Khan would win and lose the ECCW Hardcore Championship (brought to XWP by Nick Rich) multiple times. At Survivor Series, MK would be a part of Team Smackdown taking on Team Raw in a Traditional Survivor Series Match where he would be the second last eliminated. On the next Smackdown episode, Mahadi would lose to Lula and would be attacked by Lula after the match but he would fight back which would set up a rematch at Take It Or Leave It which Mahadi would win. In the All-Star Tournament, Mahadi Khan would defeat Matteo & Arrow in the first & second round respectively.

YXW (2016-present) Edit

Debut & Feud with VandyEdit

It was announced on 5th of December that Mahadi Khan signed a contract with YXW. When he will debut is unknown. Mahadi would make his debut in the Royal Rumble along with many other superstars. MK would draw number 4 and would eliminate Reggie Killer and Vandy (the latter of which after MK was already eliminated from the match) before being eliminated. At YXW Lockdown, he will team with Vandy to take on Joshie P & Mike House. At Lockdown, he would lose to Joshie P & Mike House, and attempt to attack Vandy but Vandy would throw him out the ring. At Wrestlemannia, he would lose to Vandy. At Backlassh, Mahadi would defeat Vandy in an Iron Man Match. It was then announced that Mahadi Khan would compete in the SD MITB Match at Money in the Bank. Mahadi would be unsuccessful in the MITB match after brawling with Vandy. At Summerslam, Mahadi Khan would lose a 3 Stages of Hell Match to Black Out.

IWA (2016-present) Edit

Debut & Feud with Insane ZaynEdit

Mahadi Khan started IWA and on the first show Mahadi announced the first World Champion would be Brett Storm, Storm would then challenge MK, which he would accept, Mahadi would lose however because of Brett Storm turning heel on him. It was later announced that at Extreme Rules, Mahadi Khan would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the IWA European Championship. At Extreme Rules, Mahadi Khan would lose in the Fatal Way Match for the IWA European Championship to the champion Matteo. At Payback, Mahadi Khan would lose aother Singles Match to Insane Zayn. After the match, Mahadi Khan would be attacked by Insane Zayn. At Money in the Bank, Mahadi would compete in the MITB Ladder Match but would be unsuccessful, at Fully Loaded, he would finally beat Insane Zayn in a 15 minute iron man match with the score 3-2 in the favour of Mahadi.

Tag Champion, Teaming & Feuding with Flamer; Heel Turn & Hardcore ChampionEdit

At Summerslam, he would win a tag team turmoil with Flamer to win the Tag Team Championship. At Battleground, Mahadi Khan & Flamer would retain their titles against XBC (Seth Turner & Reggie Killer), but they would lose their titles back to the Silver Brothers at Judgement Day. At Survivor Series, MK would lose to Matteo in a triple threat number 1 contenders match. At Backlash, MK, would be unable to win back the Tag Titles. MK would leave Flamer in the ring on his own, showing signs of a heel turn. At Royal Rumble, Mahadi Khan would win the Hardcore Title in a Triple Threat Match pinning Flamer, turning heel in the process. He would enter the Rumble at number 1 and would eliminate Mr. X & Insane Zayn before being eliminated by new rival Flamer. At Elimination Chamber, Mahadi Khan would eliminate Flamer before being eliminated by Joshie P. At WrestleMania, Mahadi would lose the Hardcore Title to Flamer.

The Arising Edit

The next IWA Show, Mahadi Khan would announce that he would have a new tag team partner. At Ruthless Aggression, it would be announced as new IWA Hardcore Champion Brett Storm (who just beat Flamer for the title). They would defeat Undershock and Connor at Ruthless Aggression. At Chaos Theory, they would defeat SWED to win the IWA Tag Team Championships. Later in the night, Mahadi & Brett would help Angel Alexander win the IWA Championship, forming a stable with him. The three beat on Demon Spyke after the match. At Anarchy, MK and Brett would retain their Titles against SWED in the first ever Anarchy Rules Match. At Money In The Bank, Brett & Mahadi Khan would retain their Tag Titles against Demon Spyke & Flamer. Mahadi would reignite his feud with Flamer when Mahadi attempted to attack Flamer after Flamer challenged Angel Alexander to a Career v. Title Match at IWA Radioactive. At Money in the Bank, MK would successfully defend the Tag Title along with Brett Storm. MK would also attack Flamer later in the night when Flamer challenged MK's fellow Arising teammate Angel Alexander to a match. At Radioactive, MK, Matteo & Mohammad would defeat SWED & Demon Spyke. At Summerslam, Mahadi would not eliminate anybody in the 5 On 5 Gauntlet before being disqualified when Brett Storm hit a surprise Chaos Forearm on Max Mercury. The Arising would end up winning meaning Mahadi would retain his Tag Team Championship. At InSaNiTy, Mahadi Khan and Brett Storm would successfully defend their Tag Titles against Demon Spyke & Francaios. At the 1 Year Special for IWA, Mahadi & Brett would defeat The Silver Brothers to retain the Tag Titles officially becoming the longest reigning Tag Champions as a result. At IWA Survivor Series, Mahadi and the rest of the Arising will face off against DoggyDog, Arrow, SWED, Max Mercury & a mystery partner where winners take all. At Survivor Series, Mahadi was the first eliminated by Max Mercury. In the end, Arising would lose therefore Mahadi would lose the Tag Team Title.

Teaming with Mohammad Khan & Various Feuds Edit

At Winter Games, MK would lose to the returning Jet Omega Elliot by DQ after Mohammad Khan interfered saving his brother from being pinned. The two would beat down Jet after the match. At Royal Rumble; Mahadi would seemingly enter at Number 2 however it was all to distract Jet Omega Elliot allowing Mohammad to attack. Mahadi would then actually enter the Rumble at 21 and would eliminate Jet Omega Elliot before being eliminated by Mario Sanchez. Mahadi would then eliminate Mario Sanchez in retaliation.

JPW (2016-present) Edit

Debut & Elite Misfits Edit

Mahadi Khan would make his JPW debut in episode 1 by winning a fatal 4 way. Then in episode 2 he would beat Ryan Jones of The Blades. After the match Max Mercury attacked Ryan Jones and made an alliance with MK. On Episode 3, Mahadi Khan & Max Mercury would team up, now known as the Elite Misfits, to defeat The Blades (Matty The Blade & Ryan Jones). On Episode 4, MK would manage Max Mercury in his match Matty The Blade in a losing effort. Then at JPW Summerslam the Elite Misfits would beat The Blades in an elimination tag team match in the duo's first JPW CPV. At Night of Champions, Elite Misfits would defeat Nightmare Syndrome. At Hell in a Cell, Elite Misfits would attack the Tag Champions Angel Alexander & Mart War, stating that they are the next challengers for the Tag Titles. That match will happen at Survivor Series. At Survivor Series, Mahadi & Max would defeat Angel Alexander & Mart War to become the new JPW Tag Team Champions. At TLC, MK & Max will defend their Titles against Straight Code.

ECCW (2016-present) Edit

Season 0: Debut, Feud with PJ Skillz & ECCW Heavyweight ChampionEdit

Mahadi Khan would make his ECCW debut in the first episode in the Elimination Chamber Main Event for the ECCW Heavyweight Championship, he would make it to the final three eliminating Brock Lesnar in the process however would be eliminated by PJ Skillz. At Warzone, Mahadi Khan would face off against PJ Skillz in a Last Man Standing Match for the ECCW Heavyweight Championship. Mahadi Khan would lose the match after receiving a Skillz Clash on the outside and couldn't respond to the ten count. At Royal Rumble, Mahadi Khan would defeat PJ Skillz & Triple H in a Triple Threat Match to become the new ECCW Heavyweight Champion. On the ECCW After Royal Rumble Show, Mahadi Khan would successfully defend his title for the first time against ECCW Intercontinental Champion Alex Shelley in the Main Event. At ECCW Destiny, Mahadi Khan would lose the ECCW Heavyweight Championship to Tech in a Fatal 4 Way Match that also involved PJ Skillz & Jake Navor. At World's Collide, he would represent his own company and was unsuccessful against XWP's Morpheus in a Triple Threat match to crown the inaugural Internet Champion. The following ECCW show, MK would lose in his rematch against Tech. On the ECCW Show before WrestleMania, he would challenge PJ Skillz to a match at WrestleMania. He would team with Will Ospreay against Bully Ray and PJ Skillz later in the night in a losing effort. At WrestleMania, MK would defeat PJ Skillz, ending the rivalry.

Season 1: Feud with Flamer & Jacob Cass Edit

On the ECCW Show after WrestleMania, MK would be called out by Flamer and they brawled leading to a match to be announced for Total Domination. At Total Domination, Mahadi would be attacked by Jacob Cass before the match which allowed Flamer to quickly win. At Xplosion, Mahadi would lose to Jacob Cass in a Singles Match, would defeat Cass later in the night to become new Hardcore Champion, and would then lose the title to Flamer. At Path of Exile, Mahadi Khan would win the Hardcore three more times, only to lose it three more times. 

Season 1 Reboot: Feud with Mario Sanchez Edit

Mahadi Khan would enter the Royal Rumble at number 10 and would be eliminated by Cycloper without getting an elimination. At Destiny, Mahadi would lose to Mario Sanchez after landing hard, neck first onto steps on the outside, thus getting injured. He would be attacked by a turning Mario Sanchez after the match. At WrestleMania, Mahadi would return from injury costing Mario Sanchez the Money In The Bank. At Unforgiven, Mahadi would face Mario Sanchez to a double Count Out. At Black-Out, Mahadi Khan would compete in a Triple Threat United States Championship Match against Mario Sanchez & Chris Danger which Mario would win after taking advantage of Mahadi's Curb Stomp. At Road Rage, Mahadi would become Number 1 Contender to the US Title by defeating Zachary Welch & Jacob Cass. Mahadi Khan will face Mario Sanchez for the United States Championship at Summerslam.

EEW (2017-2018) Edit

Intercontinental Champion Edit

Mahadi Khan would start EEW in early April along with Brett Storm and Matteo. At Fatal Carnage, he would beat fellow EEW Owner Matteo to earn a spot in the Fatal 4 Way Main Event. Later that night, MK was unsuccessful in winning the EEW World Heavyweight Title. At Critical Mass, MK would lose (and be pinned) in an Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Match against Matteo and Champion Chris Danger. At Danger Zone, Mahadi would defeat Chris Danger in a singles Match for the Intercontinental Title. After the match, MK tried to attack Danger with a chair only to be scared off by Matteo who challenged Mahadi to a Title Match. It's yet to be announced what Mahadi's answer is. At Gambler's Galore, Mahadi Khan will defend his Intercontinental Championship against either Matteo or Chris Danger. At Gambler's Galore, Mahadi Khan would defend his Title against Matteo after Matteo defeated Danger earlier in the night. MK attacked Matteo after the match only to be stopped by Chris Danger. MK will defend the Title at Summerslam in a Fatal 4 Way against Matteo, Danger & a mystery opponent. At Summerslam, Mahadi would lose his IC Title to the mystery opponent Alieus. At Reign of Terror, Mahadi Khan would lose to Matteo.

CPW (2017-2018) Edit

Tag Team Champion Edit

Mahadi Khan would compete in CPW's first CPV, Backlash, teaming with his younger brother Mohammad Khan to defeat the Xtreme Underdogs (Undershock & TJ X) to win the Tag Team Titles. After the match they would be attacked by Flamer & Insane Zayn. At Roadblock, Mahadi will team with his brother to defend the Tag Titles against the Flaming Maniacs. At Roadblock, they would defeat the Flaming Maniacs and then injure them after the match with chairs. At No Mercy, Mahadi & Mohammad would retain their Titles against The Wolfpac.

PWF (2018-Present) Edit

World Heavyweight Championship Edit

Mahadi Khan debuted in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament defeating Mart War in the 1st round. Over the next couple rounds he would beat Jacob Cass, PJ Skillz, Zero & Vandy to make it to the finals where he defeated Max Mercury to become World Heavyweight Champion. At Noche De Campeones, Mahadi would make his first successful Title defense on CPV defeating Max Mercury. Mahadi would lose the Title the next month to Max Mercury in a triple threat also involving Jacob Cass.

OCW (2018-present) Edit

Debut; The Crew Edit

It was announced that Khan had signed a contract with OCW. He made his debut at OCW Money in the Bank, running interference on the World Title match and would align himself with the heel stable The Crew.

In Wrestling Edit


  • Curb Stomp (Jumping Stomp to back of opponent's head) - (2016-Present)
  • Diced Bread (Backflip into a Rolling Cutter) - (2017-2019); used rarely afterwards
  • Killer Knee (Ripcord Knee Strike; Wrist Lock transitioned into a Jumping Knee Strike) - (2018-Present)
  • F5 (Fireman's Carry Facebuster) - (2016-2017)
  • MKO (Jumping Cutter) - (2016); used as a Signature move afterwards


  • MKO
  • Alley Oop Facebuster
  • Springboard Knee Strike
  • Sling Blade
  • Suicide Dive Variations
    • Regular
    • Forearm Smash
  • Spear
  • Fireman's Carry Flapjack

Championships and Accomplishments Edit





  • RCW World Champion - 1x (Current)



  • JPW Tag Team Champion - 1x (Current) with Max Mercury


  • ENA European Champion - 1x



  • PWF World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • PWF Mexico Champion - 1x (Current)
  • PWF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Winner


  • CXW Television Champion - 1x (Current)

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • Ranked No.24 of the Top 25 Wrestlers in 2017
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - IWA Summerslam S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander, Brett Storm, Mahadi Khan, Matteo & Mohammad Khan) (c) vs DoggyDog, SWED (Roacher & Francaios), Demon Spyke & Max Mercury
  • 5 Star Match (2018) - IWA Survivor Series S02: The Arising (Angel Alexander (c), Brett Storm (c), Mahadi Khan (c), Mohammad Khan (c), Matteo & Sean Avery (c)) vs Team Bring It (DoggyDog & Arrow), SWED (Francaios & Roacher), Max Mercury (c) & Flamer