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World Heavyweight Title Design 2k18

The OCW World Title is the most prestigious title in OCW. The championship was brought to the company by The Ninja after he defeated Alberto Del Rio.

Title HistoryEdit

Here are the champions of OCW in order of who was champion, who they defeated and at what event did they win the championship.



Reign Previous Champion Event Won At Notes
1 The Ninja 1 Alberto Del Rio OCW Superstars Brought the championship to OCW.
2 DJ Hero 1 The Ninja OCW Superstars On house show.
3 Caesar Dan 1 DJ Hero OCW Elimination Chamber
4 Joe Angelo 1 Caesar Dan OCW Wrestlemania 1
5 JZ 1 Joe Angelo OCW Cyber Vengeance
- Vacant - JZ -
6 Joe Angelo 2 vacant OCW NXT Takeover Also involved Mario Sanchez, Nick Shadows and Hollywood
7 Mike House 1 Joe Angelo 100 Subscriber Special
8 Johnny Extreme 1 Mike House OCW Clash of Champions All or Nothing Cash In
9 Dalton Angel 1 Johnny Extreme OCW No Mercy 2018 Also involved Mike House and Knightmare
10 Knightmare 1 Dalton Angel OCW SummerSlam 2018
11 The Ninja 2 Knightmare OCW Japan Supershow 2018 It was a Steel Cage Match
12 Johnny Extreme 2 The Ninja OCW Wrestlemania 1