PWF Logo

PWF Logo.

PWF (Platinum Wrestling Federation) is a machinima video game series created by using WWE'12 and WWE'13.

The federations consists in two roster: Focus and Lawless.

The GM of Focus is former WWE Champion JBL,the GM of Lawless is Mrs. Fall.

The chairman of the federation is Mr. Fall.




  • Alieus
  • Zhen Gi
  • Phil Aiacos
  • Libra
  • Neozon
  • Raypard
  • Speeder
  • Nathan Diasper
  • Tray
  • Curtis Hammer
  • Youth Urano
  • Thanatos
  • The Phantom Face
  • Rick Kennett
  • Sauros Abel

Other personalitiesEdit

  • Mark Swiss (Play-by-play commentator)
  • Paul C.O.D. (Color commentator)
  • Pedro Rock (Backstage interviewer and security member)
  • Axel Dish (Backstage interviewer and security member)
  • JBL (Focus GM)
  • Mrs. Fall (Lawless GM)
  • Mr. Fall (PWF Chairman)

Where to find PWFEdit

PWF Official YouTube Channel: