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Curtis Redman better known as Phenom is a professional wrestler from the world of CAW, he is currently signed to YWE (Youtube Wrestling Entertaiment) and YCW (Youtube Championship Wrestling). Previously worked for PASW (Pro Alliance on Station Wrestling). Phenom is a 7x World Champion.

YIW RoyalRumble2k15 220789

Phenom in WWE 2K15

YWE (2008 - present)Edit

Debut; Team Black Out and Singles CareerEdit

Phenom made his YWE debut on the first CPV of YWE at The Great American Bash in a tag team match and would form a tag team with Rocker called Team Black Out, were awarded the YWE Tag Team Championships and successfully defended titles against Mo' Money (Bruizah and Yung Kash). At Summerslam, defended the titles in a winning effort against New Mexicoolz. At Unforgiven, defended their championships against Thunder and Styles E losing the match and the titles. The YWE Universe voted him to face Tornado for the World Heavyweight Championship at Cyber Sunday but he lost by way DQ because an interferance by Rocker, after the match Phenom blame Rocker for making him disqualified. At Armageddon, he fought Rocker but lost, after the match both shook hands in token of respect.

Feud with Rocker & Mid-Card Edit

At Backlash, Phenom defeated Rocker for the Hardcore Championship in a TLC match. However he only held the title for a month before losing it to Rocker in a Submission match at Judgment Day. At Night Of Champions and achievement winning the title again, after the match Rocker congrulated Phenom for his victory and ending his feud. He would hold the title 2 months before dropping it to Phsycoz at Summerslam. He had his rematch for the title at Unforgiven and managed to regain title but only held the title one month to lose to him again in a Tables match at No Mercy. At Survivor Series, Team Black Out made his return only to lose against Power Trip (Thunder and Tornado) and failed to get the tag team titles. At Armageddon, Phenom fought against Grimez in a No.1 contenders match to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, but failed to win.

He would go on to the Royal Rumble Match but failed to win after having been eliminated by Mr. Black. The GM Chris Jericho put him in the World Heavyweight Championship alonside Dynamite, Superstar B(better known as Blue Star), Mr. Black, Angel and Bruizah. He failed to capture the title. At Wrestlemania, he competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match but lost. Phenom reagent his feud with Rocker and turns heel. At Backlash, Phenom competed in a Fatal-4 Way match for the Intercontinental Championship alonside Rocker; Styles E and Diamond Deuce but failed to win the title. At Extreme Rules and Night Of Champions had another title shot but lost both and were won by Thunder. He was defeated by Rocker at Summerslam and Breaking Point in this last ended their feud. Later, Phenom declares that he will restart his career from bottom to top in order to revive his abilities and made an open challenge to any superstar and Kavz accepts his challenge. At Survivor Series, he snapped his losing streak by deafeating Kavz. At TLC, Phenom fought D.B. Dragon and PJ Skillz in an Triple Threat match to become the Intercontinental Champion.

At Elimination Chamber, he was a participant in the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship chamber where he lost. At Wrestlemania he competed in the second ever Money in the Bank ladder match but lost. His Reign as YWE Intercontinental Champion ended at Extreme Rules to PJ Skillz in an Extreme Rules Match. He was later drafted to Raw where he would win the YWE United States Championship. At Nitro he defended the title against Rocker in a winning effort. He would later defend it against Jay Samoa at Summerslam & Night of Champions where he would lose it to jay at night of champions. At Hell in a Cell he had a rematch against Jay Samoa dor the title but as he was about to win he walked out of the match, he would explain that he was tired of being booked in mid card matches. He took part in the traditional survivor series elimination match on Team Austin where he was eliminated by Double D. At TLC Stone Cold decided to give Phenom a match against the YWE Champion at Royal Rumble

Pursuit of the YWE Championship & Feud with GrimezEdit

Phenom wins the YWE Championship

Phenom with Victor X after wins the YWE Championship at WrestleMania 3

After 4 years Phenom is given the oppotunity to fight for the YWE Championship against the champion Victor X, he believes that Victor X is unworthy of being YWE Champion since it took him 10 months while hes been here for 4 years, but at the rumble Phenom came short of winning the title. He thinks it was mistake and that it will never happen ever again if he gets a shot at the title but Double D believes that he should get a title shot so these two would fight in a No.1 Contenders Match at Elimination Chamber where the winner faces the YWE Champion at Wrestlemania 3 where Phenom was victorious on becoming the No.1 Contender and to headline Wrestlemania 3 against the YWE Champion. At Wrestlem ania 3 Phenom defeated Victor X to finally to win the YWE Championship. At Extreme Rules he successfully defended the YWE Championship against Grimez in a TLC Match after interference from Bluestar, but lost the title to Double D at Nitro after inference from Fayth. At Money in the Bank he was given a rematch against Double D & Bluestar for the YWE Championship, where he won his second YWE Title after a distraction from Crazyone on the Titantron. At Summerlam he came short of retaining the title but Double D touched the ground first losing the title once again to Double D. At Night of Champions the fans had the oppotunity to vote the No.1 Contender to the YWE Championship he voted in a tie with Crazyone to be contender so it was made into a triple threat match but fell victim to Double D after Grimez interfered and hit Phenom in the back with a steel pipe. At Hell in a Cell, Phenom competed in a fatal 4 way match to determine the No.1 contender to the YWE Title at Survivor Series but lost to PJ Skillz. At Survivor Series he represented RAW with Grimez and Bluestar to face Team Smackdown(Dynamite, Angel, & Rogan) and won after Grimez pinned Angel to be the sole survivor of Team Raw. AT TLC he faced his Team Raw teammates (Grimez & Bluestar) and the YWE Champion Double D in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tables Match but lost after Double D put him through the annouce table.

At the Royal Rumble he entered the Royal Rumble Match at No.19 but was eliminated by Dynamite. He had 1 more chance at main eventing Wrestlemania at Elimination Chamber, but was eliminated by Grimez. He then started a feud with Grimez when Grimez claimed that it was because of Phenom for his slump in 2012 and still thinks hes the face of Rawand that he'll prove it at Wrestlemania 4 in a match against Grimez

Pursuit of the Undisputed Title; Teaming & Feuding with Mario SanchezEdit

At Wrestlemania 4 he lost to Grimez in a Last Man Standing Match after the match Grimez started to attack Phenom when Mario Sanchez debuted and saved Phenom from further injury. At Raw 1000 Phenom teamed with Mario Sanchez to defeat Grimez & Dynamite in a Tag Team Match. At Over The Limit Phenom competed in a Fatal 4 Way No.1 Contenders Match where the winner faces the undisputed heavyweight champion at King of the Ring, but lost to Shadow. At King of the Ring he entered the 8 man KOTR tournament but lost in the finals to Crazy One. At Money in the bank Phenom gave up his title shot at the undisputed title to team up with Mario Sanchez to fight for the YWE Tag Team Championship and defeated the Bro Code to win his second tag team championship with Mario. At Summerslam he faced off against the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Victor X for the undisputed title. At Summerslam Phenom defeated Victor X by countout he won the match but not the title. Phenom & Mario will defend their championships against the Dark Angels at Night Of Champions. At Night of Champions, Phenom & Mario retained their titles against the Dark Angels. Phenom & Mario r set to defend the titles against Dynamite & Jay Samoa at Hell in a Cell. At Hell in a Cell, Phenom & Mario lost the titles to Dynamite & Jay Samoa. At Survivor Series, Phenom & Sanchez cost Dynamite & Jay's match against Pj Skillz & Antho. At TLC, however he and Mario failed to regain the tag titles. Phenom & Mario are set to face Dynamite & Jay for the Tag Titles one more time at the Royal Rumble.

At the Royal Rumble, Phenom & Mario would once again challenge Dynamite & Jay Samoa for the Tag Titles in a losing effort. Later that night, Phenom would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.16 where he was eliminated by Fayth. At Elimination Chamber, Phenom would compete in the Elimination Chamber Match for a shot at the Undispted Title, but was eliminated by Angel. Phenom is now set to face his partner Mario Sanchez at Wrestlemania 5. At Wrestlemania 5, Phenom would defeat Mario and would offer a handshake to him, but Mario would refuse and leave the ring. At Extreme Rules, Phenom would win a rematch against Mario, but afterwards Mario would turn Heel and would attack Phenom. At Over The Limit, Phenom would lose a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match when he was counted out in the final fall. Afterwards, Phenom would attack Mario. At Money In The Bank, Phenom would win the Smackdown MITB Ladder Match after he knocked off Mario Sanchez to win. At Summerslam, Phenom would meet up with Mario Sanchez in the middle in the ring, where it seemed like Mario had turned back to his former self. However that would all be a ruse. At Night of Champions, Phenom would save Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Shadow from an attack by Mario Sanchez, where afterwards Phenom would get low blowed by Shadow. At the following CPV Vengeance, Phenom would appear at the end of the show to stare down Shadow after a successful title defense by Shadow.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion; Feud with The Union & Paul Omega Edit

Following Vengeance, YWE would enter a hiatus from November 2014 to October 2016, granting Phenom's MITB Contract voided. Luckily when YWE came back Phenom was granted No.1 Contender status at the first live YWE House Show All Extreme to face Shadow for the title. At All Extreme, Phenom would defeat Shadow in the main event to become Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, becoming the first man to win every active championship in YWE. At Payback, Phenom would face Shadow in a rematch where it would end in a No Contest after Fayth interfered and attacked both men. At Survivor Series, Phenom would lose his Undisputed Heavyweight Title, only less than a month after winning it, to Shadow in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Fayth. At TLC, Phenom would regain the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship in one last match against Shadow in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match. At Royal Rumble 2017, Phenom would defend his title against Mario Sanchez to a No Contest after Shadow interfered and took out both individuals. At Fastlane 2017, Phenom would lose the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship to Victor X after The Undertaker appeared and turned Heel when he chokeslammed Phenom. At Wrestlemania 6, Phenom would end The Undertaker's YWE Wrestlemania Streak in a Hell In A Cell Match. After the match, Phenom would shake hands with The Undertaker out of respect. 

After Wrestlemania 6, Phenom would be drafted to RAW. At Extreme Rules, Phenom would lose to AJ Reyes in a No.1 Contenders Match to the YWE Title due to interference by DoggyDog & Max Mercury. Phenom would appear in the main event to help Alieus against Max Mercury & DoggyDog. At Nitro, Phenom would defeat Max Mercury & DoggyDog in a Handicap Match. At Money in the Bank he lost to Paul Omega. Phenom was choice to face the YWE champion Alieus for Summerslam. At Summerslam Phenom failed to claim the title because Paul Omega try to cash in the MITB contract, and Alieus hit him with his finisher for three time, after this match Alieus try to shake his hand but Phenom leave the ring very angry for what happened. At Night Of Champions he was attacked in his locker room by Paul Omega. At Hell in a Cell Phenom would defeat Omega by count out after Paul refuse to continued the match. At Survivor Series Team Alieus (Alieus, Phenom, DoggyDog, Brett Storm and Antho) would lose to Team Union (Tornado, AJ Reye, Max Mercury, Thunder and Rogan) in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match, Phenom being eliminated after Paul Omega throw him off the ropes. At Battleground Phenom would lose after he hit Paul with s sledgehammer, after this he attack Omega with multiple weapons. At Royal Rumble 2018 Phenom would lose to Omega again, this time in a NO DQ Match.

PASW Appearance (2011)Edit

Phenom in PASW

Phenom after his victory at This is ECW! 11 The Welcoming Draft in PASW

Phenom only had one appearance in PASW. At This is ECW! 11: The Welcoming Draft, he defended the YWE United States Championship against El Icono in a Falls Count Anywhere match and was victorious. After that, he returned to YWE, as he was stipulated to appear once.

YCW (2012-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with CrulexEdit

Reports confirms that Phenom has signed a contract with YCW. He made his YCW debut at Royal Rumble and competed in the Royal Rumble match and began a feud with Crulex, which began after Phenom eliminate Crulex to the Royal Rumble match, which caused Crulex back into the ring and eliminate a Phenom and then continue attacking. At Elimination Chamber, Phenom interfered in the YCW Championship Elimination Chamber match and attacking Crulex to helping Mario Sánchez to retain the title. At WrestleMania 1, he would go on to beat Crulex in a Tables match. At Hanging Tough, Phenom would team up with Mart Code to defeat Crulex & Croe VL in a Tag Team Match. On the RAW After WrestleMania, Phenom would defeat Young Love to become the No.1 Contender to the YCW Championship.

ELW (2014-present)Edit

Debut & ELW Hardcore ChampionEdit

It was reported that Phenom had signed a contract with ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). Phenom would debut on a House Show where he won a Battle Royal to face ELW Hardcore Champion Jason Howard for the title at ELW Blood Blame. At Blood Blame, Phenom would defeat Jason Howard in an Extreme Rules Match to become the new ELW Hardcore Champion. At Saturday Night's Main Event, Phenom would sit with the commentary team where he would watch the 6 Man Battle Royal that would determine the next No.1 Contender to his title. Afterwards, Phenom would have a face off with the No.1 Contender Bison after the match.
Phenom face

SWE (2014-present)Edit

Debut and NXT ChampionEdit

In Februay 2014 Phenom signed a contract for SWE here meets with his longtime friend and tag team partner Mario Sanchez to reunite the Awesome Ones. A Wrestlemania 1 participates in the 6 man battle royal  for the Cruiserweight Championship, after a great performance and eliminated Spiderman is in turn eliminated by Mr. Amazing. At Extreme Rules, Phenom would save Mario from an attack by the new NXT Champion DJ Hero. However, Phenom was forced to give up the NXT Title due to the closure of the NXT Roster.

Alliance with Mario Sanchez & Draft to RawEdit

After Mario helping Phenom to win NXT Championship at the end of the match will be withdrawn from Mr. Molinaro due to the closure of the NXT roster, give show a strong alliance and give the show at Summerslam 2014 where they are able to beat The Christmas Nightmare in a Tag Team Match. At No Way Out, Phenom would team up with Arrow & Straight Code Star as Team Smackdown to face Team RAW (Antho, PJ Skillz, & Jack 2D) in a 6 Man Tag Team Elimination Match to a losing effort. At Hell in a Cell 2014 Phenom losing against his friend Mario Sanchez in match for the U.S Championship. At Survivor Series, Phenom would team up with Mario & Straight Code Star as Team Smackdown to defeat Team RAW (Grim, Jack 2D, & Morris) in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. At TLC, Phenom & Mario would celebrate with Straight Code Star over his victory on Grim.

At Royal Rumble, Phenom would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.2 where he managed to eliminate Rogan until he was eliminated by Jacob Cass. On Smackdown After Royal Rumble, Phenom would compete in Gold Rush Tournament to determine the No.1 Contender to the SWE Title at WrestleMania 2. He managed to make it to the finals, after defeating Carlo Maria & Dark Shark, where he would lose to Mario. At Wrestlemania 2 join in the Ring to congratulate with her friend Mario Sachez will win the SWE Championship. At Extreme Rules 2015, he would compete in a triple threat match for the United States Championship against DJ Hero and Straight Code Star but he would lose the match to the champion DJ Hero. In the 2015 Draft Lottery, Phenom will be drafted to the Raw Roster. At Payback, Phenom would defeat Rogan in his first match as a part of the RAW Roster. At Money In The Bank, Phenom would compete in the RAW MITB Ladder Match where he would lose to Antho. Phenom didn't like how Antho attacked PJ Skillz to take his spot in the MITB Ladder Match and challenged him to a match at Summerslam in which Antho agreed. At Summerslam, Phenom would lose to Antho in a Singles Match. 

United States ChampionEdit

At Hell In A Cell, Phenom would defeat the US Champion Vixx (his protege) in a Fatal 4 Way Match (That also involved Rogan & Double D) to win the United States Championship from him. Afterwards, Vixx would raise Phenom's hand as a sign of respect. For Survivor Series he would defend the US title against Vixx and PJ Skillz in a triple treat match. At TLC he lost the title against PJ Skillz in a Ladder Match.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

Debut & Hardcore ChampionEdit

It was reported that Phenom has signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling). Phenom is scheduled to make his debut against Angel de Oro in an Extreme Rules Match to determine the first YFW Hardcore Champion. At Capital Carnage, Phenom would end up defeating Angel de Oro to become the first ever YFW Hardcore Champion

YIW (2015 present)Edit

YIW Champion & HiatusEdit

Phenom signed a contract in November for YIW and is scheduled to face Ricardio for the YIW Championship. At Royal Rumble, Phenom would defeat Ricardio to become the new YIW Champion. At Elimination Chamber, Phenom would lose the YIW Title to Chicago Son in an Elimination Chamber after he was eliminated by Dark Shark. At Wrestlemania he beat Dark Shark in a singles match. He then took a hiatus from wrestling.

Return & Feud with Dark SharkEdit

Phenom returned to action at Money In the Bank when he spoke to the YIW universe before being attacked by Dark Shark. At Summerslam he defeated Dark Shark in a Wrestlemania rematch before being attacked again. At Night of Champions he was defeated by the US Champion Mart War after NHO attacked. He is set to face Dark Shark in a NO DQ match at Raw Exclusive CPV Battleground. However the match was postponed to Survivor Series after Phenom suffered a minor injury. At Survivor Series Phenom was defeated by Dark Shark in a Last man standing match to end the feud. He is set to face Shadow in a Ladder match to become No.1 contender to the YIW title at Royal Rumble. At Royal Rumble S02, Phenom would lose to Shadow in the No.1 Contenders Ladder Match

YXW (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: DebutEdit

Phenom would make his return from his hiatus of wrestling when he signed a contract with YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) as a Free Agent. Phenom would make his YXW debut at the 70 Subs Special in Madison Square Garden where he faced his protege XCW Champion Johnny Extreme for the title in an Extreme Rules Match, where he ended up losing the match.

Season 3: Return & Heel TurnEdit

Phenom would return at Royal Rumble S03 to stop his former pal Mario Sanchez from continually assaulting his opponent TKE after their match for Mario's XCW Championship. However, Phenom would then turn around and start beating TKE with the steel chair that was going to be used by Mario, turning Heel. Phenom would end his Free Agent Status by signing with Smackdown and allying with his Heel friend Mario Sanchez. Phenom would compete at YXW Lockdown where he lost in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the YXW World Hardcore Championship. After the match, Phenom would be attacked by TKE as revenge for the Royal Rumble incident. Phenom & TKE would settle their feud at Wrestlemania where Phenom would defeat TKE in an Extreme Rules Match. At Backlash S03, Phenom would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match for the YXW Intercontinental Championship to a losing effort.

XWP (2016-2017; 2017-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with Zack Thompson; Intercontinental Champion & DepartureEdit

Phenom would make his XWP Debut on the first episode as a part of a number 1 contenders match for the XWP World Heavyweight Title, however he would lose. At Pride, he would lose to Silvio in a number 1 Contenders match. At Outlaw, he would team with Mario Sanchez & Matteo in a losing effort against X Bullet Club. At Summerslam, he would team with Duncan Cunner & Mart War & lose to RKO. At Psychopath, Phenom would get his first championship match in XWP in a Hardcore Title match however he would lose. At Destruction, he would become Number 1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship by beating Mart War. At Royal Rumble, he would lose to Zack Thompson. On the SD after Royal Rumble, he would defeat Zack Thompson which gave him another shot at the Gold. At WrestleMania, Phenom would finally win Championship Gold in XWP by beating Zack Thompson. However due to a contract dispute, Phenom was released from his contract making the Intercontinental Championship vacant.

Season 2: Return Edit

Phenom would make his XWP Return on the Survivor Series Pre-Show as Demon Spyke's Mystery Partner. Together they would beat Gore & Perkins ending Spyke's feud with G&P. Phenom would confront Intercontinental Champion Cycloper and challenged him to a match for the Title "he never lost". Phenom's challenge was accepted then he got attacked by Cycloper. At Destruction, Phenom would lose to Cycloper in a Fatal 4 Way, but wasn't pinned. This made Phenom challenge Cycloper to another match, which Cycloper accepted.

REW (2017-Present)Edit

Debut & YouTube ChampionEdit

Phenom would debut at Global Wars against Arrow for the YouTube Championship and would defeat him after a considered Match of the Night.

OCW (2018-present) Edit

It was announced that Phenom had signed a contract with OCW (Online Championship Wrestling). He made his debut for the company at OCW Money in the Bank, where he attacked Triple H who was interfering on the World Title match.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Undisputed Heavyweight Champion - 2x  
  • YWE Champion - 2x
  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x
  • United States Champion - 1x
  • Tag Team Champion - 2x with Rocker (1), Mario Sanchez (1)
  • Hardcore Champion - 3x
  • 2014 Smackdown Mr. MITB
  • 2014 Superstar Of The Year
  • 2009 Most Improved Superstar Of The Year
  • 2009 Match Of The Year
  • First Grand Slam Champion
  • Second Triple Crown Champion


  • Hardcore Champion - 1x (Current)


  • United States Champion - 1x
  • NXT Champion - 1x


  • YFW Hardcore Champion - 1x (Current)


  • EWE Champion - 1x 


  • YIW Champion - 2x (Current)


  • DWF United States Champion - 1x


  • REW YouTube Champion - 1x (Current)


  • IWA Hardcore Champion - 1x 


  • XWP Intercontinental Champion - 1x  


  • ECCW Hardcore Champion - 2x
  • ECCW Cruiserweight Champion - 1x


  • TOW Intercontinental Champion - 1x  


  • CXW United States Champion - 2x


  • PCW Tag Team Champion - 1x (Current) with Shadow

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • Ranked No.6 of the Top 25 Wrestlers in 2016
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Wrestlemania 3: Phenom vs. Victor X (c)
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Summerslam 2012: Phenom (c) vs. Double D
  • 5 Star Match (2014) - YWE Over The Limit 2014: Phenom vs. Mario Sanchez
  • 5 Star Match (2016) - YWE All Extreme 2016: Phenom vs. Shadow (c)
  • 5 Star Match (2016) - EWE Wrestlemania 3: Phenom (c) vs. Mario Sanchez
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - YWE Wrestlemania 6: Phenom vs. The Undertaker
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - AWC All Star Weekend II: Scott Jay vs. Phenom

Entrance SongEdit

Be Cool (feat. Wizzy Wow)" By Wretch 32