Prohibited in WWE '13

Prohibited is an original CAW, who currently signed with ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling).

Debut with tag partnerEdit

Restriction made his debut with his tag partner Prohibited with a team name Stay away they won the tag champs from Danny-X and Jason Cage they then had the championships beat many tag teams in the Smackdown Roster once they met up John X and Justin Blair. They both dislike each other when John and Justin were heel they interfered into to many of Stay Away matches so John and Prohibited had a match which turned into a tag match for the tag champs announced by the general manger and Stay Away ended up winning. By the time Kid Wild and AX made there debut.In a smackdown night and they were up for fighting rookies so they put there titles on the line without knowing the great tag teams skills they lost then while walking backstage Prohibited blamed everything on Restriction saying he sucks and he will never be his tag partner again.

ELW Career and AccomplishmentsEdit

Not only did Prohibited hate Restriction but he had other rivalries with a superstar named Billy Roe. Was big and Champion so it was pretty great match at Bragging Right then The Icon helped Prohibited attacked Billy Roe. Then Icon and Billy Roe had to settle things between themselves. Tony Tough said that Prohibited is not tough enough and prohibited wanted a match at Breaking Point in a Tables match in between the match the Team Tough came out and attacked Prohibited then at the very end Tony Slammed Prohibited threw the table and Win the match for the ELW championship. Prohibited never got his revenge because he got transfered to Smackdown.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • World Tag Team Champion - 3x with Restriction