Red Dread​ is a original YWE superstar, he is son of Mr. McCarted. He was signed with YWE and is current signed with DWF.

​YWE (2010 - 2014)Edit

​Debut and Feud with Victor XEdit

F​euding and Teaming with Justin JamesEdit

​Feud with Bro Code and ReleaseEdit

​DWF (2017 - Present)Edit

​Debut and Tag Team ChampionEdit

Red​ Dread would debut alongside with Justin James on DWF draft, they were selected to be in War Zone Roster. At Backlash J2 Red  was supposed to take Sex Mex ( Mario Sanchez and Vixx) for Tag Team titles but they were attacked backstage by Rebellion (David Mill and Dustin Martinez). At Vengeance J2 Red would defeat Rebellion and win the Tag Team Championships. At Summerslam they defeat Aaron & Kurt Angus to retain the titles. At No Way Out they lose the tag team title against M.A.P.

​Championship & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • YWE Tag Team Champion - 1x with Justin James


  • ​DWF Tag Team Champion - 1x with Justin James