Restriction is a superstar currently in ELW and his real name is Richard Wayson.

Restriction in WWE '13

ELW Debut and Career Rivalry with ProhibitedEdit

Restriction made his debut with his tag partner Prohibited with a team name Stay away they won the tag champs from Danny-X and Jason Cage they then had the championships beat many tag teams in the Smackdown Roster once they met up John X and Justin Blair. They both dislike each other when John and Justin were heel they interfered into to many of Stay Away matches so John and Prohibited had a match which turned into a tag match for the tag champs announced by the general manger and Stay Away ended up winning. By the time Kid Wild and AX made there debut.In a smackdown  night and they were up for fighting rookies so they put there titles on the line without knowing the great tag teams skills they lost then while walking backstage Prohibited blamed everything on Restriction saying he sucks and he will never be his tag partner again. Restriction had a match with one of the contenders for the Heavywhieght champ vs Zie chang. Zie Chang beat Restriction they both shook hands and Zie won and left while Zie was leaving Prohibited came out with a chair attacking Restriction and announced he should have a match with #1 contender.Zie then attcked Prohibited for attacking Restriction. At summer slam they had a match and Prohibited won that match. Restriction attacked Prohibited right after he won his world heavywheight champ saying he was #1 contender for his title. Restriction came with win at The Night of champions but with a Leg tear he was injured and had to Vacate the title. He made a return not worried for his leg Prohibited said he want to have one more match and with a great win he had a great comeback.

ELW (present)Edit

Restriction will make his return on ELW soon.

Career Accomplishments:Edit


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • World Tag Team Champion - 3x with Prohibited
  • Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • Hardcore Champion - 1x
  • 2009 Match of the Year (Prohibited vs Restriction)