"Prime Time" Ron Johnson is a wrestler from the world of CAW, created by Prince5835. Ron Johnson worked only for YWE, which means he was exclusive to YWE.

YWE (2010-2011, 2017) Edit

First YWE United States Champion (2010) Edit

Around 2010, "Prime Time" Ron Johnson would get the amazing opportunity to join YWE has one of the new members of the RAW roster and one of the participants in the inaugural YWE United States Championship Tournament. Ron would make his debut in the tournament against Deelo who was also a new member of the RAW roster, Ron would get his first win in YWE, which also made him advance to the Semi-Finals of the tournament. At the third episode of RAW, Ron Johnson would compete on the Semi-Finals against Punk Goth were he won the match, advancing to the Finals at Backlash.

At Backlash, Ron Johnson would defeat Souldier to become the first ever YWE United States Champion.

Participant in the Undiscovered Caw Talent Tournament (2017) Edit

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit