Ryan Falter, is a charismatic wrestler that uses his vintage wrestling style and brute force to climb his way to the top. He is currently under contract with NSWL and is a former NSWL Champion and 2-time United States Champion.

Setting Records and Making HistoryEdit

NSWL season 1 started with the an 8-man bracket system, and the top two would face off for the newly developed NSWL Championship. Ryan made his was to the top two. His opponent was Dalton who was equally as good as the season went on. At NSWL Wrestlemania 1, Ryan and Dalton faced eachother in a Inferno match. In a long fought match, Ryan came out victorious by throwing Dalton over the top rope. After that, Dalton left the company. Ryan was the first NSWL in the histoy of the company.

Staying Put for a WhileEdit

Once season 2 started, Ryan lost his title to Kyle, and had some problems with trying to reclaim it back. For a while, he had some opportunities for titles, but fell short. He would prove himself as a great wrestler with some of the matches he put up. But for a while, he seemed to be just another guy on that roster.

Back to Championship FormEdit

At Canadian Lineage in season 3, Kyle and Ryan has a match to see who would take the new United States Championship. Ryan once again fell to Kyle. Ryan knew he was not on a good streak of matches. So he made that United States title the only thing on his mind. It wasn't until after the Royal Rumble did he get a chance at the title during a normal episode of NSWL. He beat Kyle for the title and was walking in Wrestlemania 3 as the new United States champion. He would go on to face Mark for the title in a ladder match. Once again, Ryan had lost the title at Wrestlemania.

One More Time AroundEdit

At the start of NSWL Season 4, Mark was the United States champion. Many people hated the fact that a canadian was the United States Champion. So Ryan fought his way to the top once again and had a contendership opportunity. He had to compete with Mark and Nick in a Hell in a Cell match to win that title. Ryan fought through a hard match, but in the end, he was once again the United States Champion.