Silvio is a wrestler in/from the world of CAW. He is currently signed to YWE: YouTube Wrestling Entertainment (Verse), whereas he's in his first reign as Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. He is also signed to SWE, where he is a former SWE Champion & SWE World Tag Team Champion. 

SWE (2014-Present)Edit

SWE Champion & Evolution; InjuryEdit

At the 2014 Royal Rumble, Silvio debuted as the SWE Champion (after being awarded the championship title), where he successfully defended the title against Shadow. At the Elimination Chamber, Silvio would retain his SWE Championship against Piero, Shadow, Sdollao, Santen, & Francesco U. Asta in the Elimination Chamber Match. At Wrestlemania 1, Silvio would successfully defend the SWE Championship against his Cousin, the Intercontinental Champion Francesco. At the end of the night, Silvio would congratulate Mattista on winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Carlettenho. At Raw the night after Wrestlemania, Mattista would attack Salvo of Santen (first) and Francesco U. Asta, and after defeating The Picars with Mattista in the main event, Silvio is attacked with the back of the SWE belt by Morris that launches a challenge to take place at Extreme Rules 2014. At Extreme Rules after a long fought match, Silvio would defeat Morris to retain his SWE Title. Silvio would retain the SWE Title against Morris in a rematch at King of the Ring in a Fatal 4 Way Match including Santan & Francesco U. Asta. At Money in the Bank, Silvio would successfully retain the SWE Title against Santan in a Steel Cage Match. Afterwards, Santan would attack Silvio allowing Shadow to cash in his MITB briefcase on Silvio to defeat him for the title. Silvio would sustain an injury from this and would be out of action for a couple months.

Return & Feud with The Corporation; World Tag Team ChampionEdit

At No Way Out, Silvio would return to help Sdollao defeat Rogan in an Extreme Rules Match. At Hell in a Cell 2014, Silvio defeated Rogan in a brutal Hell in a Cell Match. Afterwards, the rest of Evolution (Mattista, Sdollao, & Carlo Maria) came out to applaud Silvio. At Survivor Series, Evolution (with Silvio now included in the stable/team) would defeat The Corporation in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match to guarantee Sdollao a title shot.

At the Royal Rumble, Silvio would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.14 where he would eliminate Santen, but Silvio would be eliminated by Mario Sanchez. At Elimination Chamber, Silvio and Mattista stared down Rogan after he beat Kid Wild. Afterwards Silvio would take part in his second Elimination Chamber, where he was eliminated by Carlettinho. At Wrestlemania 2, Silvio and Mattista would defeat The Corporation to become the new SWE World Tag Team Champions. At Extreme Rules 2015, Evolution defeated The Corporation to retain the World Tag Team Championship. At Over The Limit 2015, Team Bring It! challenged Evolution for the World Tag Team Championship however Silvio and Mattista won the match and retained the titles.

Heel Turn & Mr. Money in the Bank: Feud with MattistaEdit

At Payback, Evolution would lose the World Tag Team Titles to The Killers (The Punk & Drogy) in a Tag Team Tables Match after Silvio turned Heel and betrayed Mattista by putting him through a table. At King Of The Ring, Silvio would announce himself as an entrant in the Smackdown MITB Ladder Match during a backstage interview and would state that he will win the briefcase and then go onto win the World Title. A Money in the Bank 2015, Silvio won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, winning the briefcase and earning the right to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion at any time. After the match, he would be attacked by his former teammate Mattista who was mad for Silvio turning his back on him. At Summerslam, Silvio would defeat Mattista in a Singles Match. After the match Silvio & Mattista would engage in a brawl where they ended up having to be separated by security. At Night Of Champions however, Silvio would end up losing in a Steel Cage Match to Mattista. Afterwards, they decided to settle the feud once and for all at Hell In A Cell in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. At Hell In A Cell, Silvio would defeat Mattista in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to end the feud... for now. At Survivor Series Silvio beat Alieus in a single match, after that he was attacked by Mattista.

World Heavyweight Champion Edit

At No Mercy Silvio beat Mattista in a Ladder Match for the MITB contract after Sdollao come to help him, later he cashes in the contract on Triple X, becoming World Heavyweight Champion for first time.

YWE (Verse) (2014-present)Edit

Silvio YWE entrance

Silvio at YWE Fastlane 2017

Debut & Feud with Double DEdit

It was announced in September 2014, Silvio will debut & sign a lucrative YWE Superstar contract with YouTube Wrestling Entertainment at their SmackDown (brand) exclusive CPV (click-per-view) event Vengeance, as part of the Smackdown roster. On October 19 at Vengeance, Silvio was introduced by YWE Chairman Mr. Ace, whereas (in the ring) Silvio signed his official YWE contract. Silvio was then confronted by Double D who questioned Silvio's place in YWE. Silvio then proceeded to execute his patented finisher 'Spear' to Double D. Thus, Silvio established himself as a "face".

20180819 001123

Silvio at YWE Survivor Series 2016

Following well over a year of YWE on hiatus, YWE rejuvenated as YWE Verse in January 2016. On May 15 at Payback, in Silvio's YWE in-ring debut, Silvio defeated Double D via pinfall (in a singles match). On November 20, 2016 at Survivor Series, Silvio lost to Double D via pinfall in an Extreme Rules match (whereas Double D utilized the ropes for leverage in the final pin). Silvio went onto 'Spear' Double D after the match. On December 4 at TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, Silvio competed in a 6-Man (over-the-top-rope) Battle Royale to determine the #1 contender to the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship, whereas when Silvio was at ringside & about to enter the match- Double D ambushed him before throwing him into the ring as the match began. Immediately after, Double D eliminated Silvio from the match. Later in the match, Silvio returned & eliminated Double D from the Battle Royale prior to then constantly attacking him afterwards. On January 29, 2017 at Royal Rumble, Silvio defeated Double D via pinfall. Silvio & Double D would then shake hands in sportsmanship after the match, thus ending their feud. Later in the show, Silvio went onto compete in the Royal Rumble match as he drew entrant #29, down to being one of the last four competitors, before he was (the 27th) eliminated by AJ Reyes.

Championship Pursuits & Feud with ArrowEdit

Slivio YWE Money in the Bank 2017 II

Silvio, after winning the (YWE) 2017 SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder match

On March 12 at Fastlane, Silvio defeated CrazyOne & Paul Omega via pinfall (Silvio pinned CrazyOne) in a "Land Of Opportunity" Triple Threat match to become the #1 contender to the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. Later on in the show, Silvio executed the 'Spear' to Victor X after he won the UHC title. On April 16, 2017 at WrestleMania 6, Silvio lost to Victor X via pinfall (roll-up) for Victor X's Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. On May 21 at Payback, Silvio lost to Victor X, also involving Arrow, via pinfall (roll-up) (X pinned Arrow) in a Triple Threat match for Victor X's Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. Silvio would then argue with Arrow after the match until Silvio stormed off. On June 18 at Elimination Chamber, Silvio fought Arrow to a double-countout (draw), as they continued to brawl after the match. On July 16 at Money in the Bank, Silvio defeated Arrow, Demon Extreme, Gold Stallion, Shane Hayes, & Mr. Amazing in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match to win the Money in the Bank UHC contract. On August 20, 2017 at SummerSlam, Silvio defeated Arrow via pinfall, to end the feud. On September 17 at Night of Champions, Silvio appeared on stage as a distraction during the UHC match between Shadow &/vs. Mario Sanchez (c) who retained the UHC title.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion & Heel TurnEdit

Silvio YWE Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

Silvio as Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

On October 22 at No Mercy, Silvio defeated Shadow via pinfall for/to win Shadow's Undisputed Heavyweight Championship once Silvio utilized his Money in the Bank contract to cash in on the (then) newly crowned UHC champion Shadow who had just defeated Mario Sanchez in a Title vs. Career match. Silvio became the new (YWE) Undisputed Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career. Silvio went onto attack Mario Sanchez & Shadow after Silvio won the title. Thus, Silvio turned "heel". On November 19, 2017 at Survivor Series, Silvio defeated Shadow & Mario Sanchez via pinfall (Silvio pinned Shadow) in a Triple Threat match to retain the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. On December 17 at TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, Silvio defeated Mario Sanchez in a TLC (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs) match to retain the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Silvio was attacked by, new #1 contender to the UHC, Arrow. On January 28, 2018 at Royal Rumble, Silvio defeated Arrow via pinfall to retain the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship, despite Arrow's foot being on the ropes during the final pinfall to cause a ropebreak. However, the referee didn't notice Arrow's foot, whereas Silvio won in controversial fashion.

YIW (2015-present)Edit

Debut & World Heavyweight ChampionEdit

In November 2014 Silvio signed a contract with YIW and was scheduled to debut at Royal Rumble. At Royal Rumble, Silvio would make his YIW debut in the Royal Rumble Match where he entered #27, but he was eliminated by Antho. At Elimination Chamber, Silvio would defeat AJ Reyes, Mr Black, Mario Sanchez, Mystery King and Shadow in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the World Heavyweight Championship. At Wrestlemania, Silvio would defeat AJ Reyes in a Singles Match to retain the World Title in a winning effort. At Extreme Rules Silvio defeated AJ Reyes in a steel cage match to end their feud. At Over The Limit, Silvio lost the World Title to Mr Black following an AA transitioned into a Black Hammer slam.

Injury and Various Feuds; Intercontinental Champion Edit

After losing his tile Silvio suffered a shoulder injury and would be away for 5 months. At Hell In A Cell he fought AJ Reyes in a Wrestlemania rematch as well NO. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title but lost. At Survivor Series, Team Smackdown ( Silvio, Joshie P and Lula) defeated Team Raw ( Mavrik, Justin Sane and DJ Hero). Afterwards Silvio attacked his partners , turning heel. At TLC he defeated Lula to win the IC title. After not appearing for two months, Silvio would appear at Wrestlemania 2, frustrated over not being booked for the biggest show of the year. Silvio would then respond to comments made by Commentator PME Morales and challenged to a match immediately. However this proved to be Silvio's wrong doing when PME Morales proved himself to be a formidible competitor and defeated Silvio to win the IC Title. At Extreme Rules, Silvio would lose in a rematch to PME Morales.

YCW (2015-present)Edit

It was reported by Dave Meltzer that Silvio had signed a contract with YCW (YouTube Championship Wrestling). When he will debut is unknown.

EWE (2015-Present) Edit

It was reported that Silvio would make his EWE debut at No Way Out in a 6 man elimination match for the WHC. At the event, Silvio would come out victorious in his match becoming the new WHC! He eliminated 5 superstars.

MWF (2015-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with Rio BestEdit

Silvio would make his MWF debut at Fast Lane interfering in the Lula/Rio Best match where Silvio would attack Rio Best and brawl with him in the backstage area. At WrestleMania, Silvio would lose in a Singles Match against Rio Best.

YXW (2015-present)Edit

Season 1: ECW World Television ChampionEdit

It was announced that Silvio Molinario had signed a contract with YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) and would make his debut in the Main Event of Money In The Bank in a MITB Ladder Match. At Money In The Bank, Silvio would lose in the MITB Ladder Match to DoggyDog. On the first episode of YXW RAW, Silvio would compete in the main event for the ECW World Television Championship in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. Silvio would defeat both the champion Jack 2D & ET3 to win the ECW Television Championship. At Night Of Champions, Silvio would successfully defend the ECW World Television Championship against previous champion Jack 2D in a TLC Match. At TLC, Silvio would retain his ECW World Television Championship in a Fatal 4 Way Match against Kid Wild, Yakuza, & Jack 2D.

Season 2: Royal Rumble Winner & XCW ChampionEdit

At the Royal Rumble, Silvio would enter the first ever 25 Man Royal Rumble Match as the first entrant in the match where he would eliminate AJ Reyes & last season RR winner Christian Styles before being eliminated by YXW Hardcore Champion Angus Turner. However later in the match, Silvio would re-enter as No.22 after attacking Kid Wild backstage and taking his spot. Silvio would continue to eliminate Joshie P & former Evolution stablemate Sdollao before eliminating Triple X (with help from the Undertaker, who attack Triple X) to become the Season 2 Winner of the Royal Rumble Match. After Royal Rumble, Silvio would vacate the ECW World Television Title after this title, the Light Heavyweight Title, & the Hardcore Title would be retired in favor of the 24/7 Championship. 

After Fully Loaded, Silvio decided to challenge XCW Champion M-Core for his XCW title at WrestleMania 2, inside a Hell In A Cell Match. At WrestleMania 2, Silvio would defeat M-Core & Demon Extreme (who won a match against Bruiser to compete in the match) in a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match to win the XCW Championship. At Battleground, Silvio would make his first successful title defense against Lula. At Summerslam, Silvio would defeat Jack Booth to retain his XCW Championship while also putting an end to Jack Booth's undefeated streak. At Feast or Fire, Silvio would also successfully retain his XCW Championship against Arrow after winning by Count Out. After the match, Arrow would attack Silvio and left him laying the ring. Right afterwards, Mario Sanchez would storm to the ring where he would cash in his MITB Briefcase and defeat Silvio to become the new XCW champion.

DWF (2015-present)Edit

Debut & Feud with AngelEdit

Silvio would make his DWF debut at the first CPV of DWF, Extreme Rules. Silvio would compete in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match against Shadow, Angel, & Scott Razor to determine the first ever DWF Intercontinental Champion. At Extreme Rules, Silvio would make it to the final between him and Angel but Silvio would end up losing to him, making Angel the first ever DWF Intercontinental Champion. At Over The Limit, Silvio would challenge Angel for the Intercontinental Championship, but wound up losing to "The Fallen" Angel.

World Heavyweight Champion & The RevolutionEdit

XWP (2016-2017) Edit

Season 1: Various Feuds Edit

Silvio would make his XWP Debut on the first episode, where he was in a Number 1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match. He would be unsuccessful. At Pride, Silvio would defeat Phenom to become Number 1 Contender to any World Title. As Silvio was drafted to Raw, Silvio would pick the XWP Championship. At Outlaw, Silvio would lose to Jacob Cass in a Triple Threat for the XWP Championship. Following this, Silvio would enter a mini feud with Creep-E where the two faced off at Conflict & Summerslam with Silvio losing them both. After a little hiatus to heal injuries suffered by Creep-E. Silvio would return defeating Jay Samoa in a US Title Qualifier. At Royal Rumble, Silvio would lose to Anthony Payne where he would be pinned. At Danger Zone, Silvio would compete in the Number 1 Contenders Elimination Chamber Match where he made it to the final 4 before being eliminated by Arrow. At World's Collide, Silvio would have a run in with Goldberg which ended in Silvio punching Goldberg. On the Raw before WM. Silvio would challenge Goldberg to a match at WrestleMania which was accepted. At WrestleMania, Silvio would lose to Goldberg in less than a minute.

Season 2 & 3: Losing Streak & Feud with Jet Omega Elliot; Departure Edit

Furious at his quick loss to Goldberg at 'Mania, Silvio would issue an open challenge at Outlaw which would be accepted by NXT's Jet Omega Elliot. Silvio would lose in 4 Minutes. At Reckoning, Silvio would once again lose to Jet. After the match, Silvio would attack J.O.E. At Money in the Bank, Silvio would snap his losing streak when he defeated Jet in a No DQ Match. At Summerslam, Silvio would lose to Jet Omega Elliot in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. After WrestleMania 2, a bunch of superstars were released from XWP with Silvio being one of them, making his match at Summerslam his final XWP Match.

In WrestlingEdit

Silvio YWE No Mercy 2017 Spear to Shadow

Silvio's patented finisher 'Spear' in his match against Shadow

Finishing move(s):

  • Spear

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

Silvio YWE Money in the Bank 2017

Silvio, after winning the (YWE) 2017 SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder match

Silvio as UHC III

Silvio, after retaining the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

Silvio — Royal Rumble2018

Silvio, after retaining the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

YWE: YouTube Wrestling Entertainment (Verse):


  • SWE Champion - 1x 
  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x (Current)  
  • World Tag Team Champion - 1x with Mattista 
  • 2015 Smackdown Mr. MITB


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x 


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x 


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x  


  • XCW Champion - 1x  
  • ECW World Television Champion - 1x  
  • Season 2 Royal Rumble Winner


  • World Heavyweight Champion - 1x


  • CWE Champion - 1x (Current)


  • CXW Champion - 1x 

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2017): Victor X (c) vs. Silvio for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship (YWE WrestleMania 6)