Thunder​ is an original YWE superstar. He was signed with YWE and former 2x Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, 2x Intercontinental Champion and 4x Tag Team Champion.

​YWE (2008-2014; 2017- Present)Edit

​Debut and Power Trip; World Heavyweight ChampionEdit

Feud with Tornado & YWE Intercontinental Champion; Face TurnEdit

Mr. Money In The Bank & Various FeudsEdit

Feud with Dark Shark & 2x Intercontinental Champion; Feud with Jay SamoaEdit

Move to RAW & Heel TurnEdit

The Union & Multiple Tag Team Champion; ReleaseEdit

Return & Rejoining in The Union Edit

Champion​ships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Undisputed Heavyweight Champion - 2x
  • YWE Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • YWE Tag Team Champion - 4x with PJ Skillz (1), Tornado (1), B-Mad Phoenix (2)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank (2011)
  • First Triple Crown Winner


  • EWE Tag Team Champion - 1x with B-Mad Phoenix