Victor X is a wrestler in the world of CAW. He is currently signed to YWE, XYZ, YTW, PWE, ELW, & YFW. He is a Former YWE Champion, and is the current YWE Undisputed Champion & XYZ Champion. Victor X is an 8x World Champion (4x YWE UHC, 1x YWE, 1x XWP, 1x XYZ, 1x XCW) 

YWE (2011-present)Edit

Beginnings; Various Feuds (2011)Edit

At the Royal Rumble 2011, while G-Star (the manager of RAW and Smackdown at that time) was cutting a promo, out of nowhere, a young, upcoming Victor X came out to the ring to tell everyone that he was going to make an impact on the Smackdown roster, but after that, his son, Red Dread McCarter blindsided Victor X with a shot at the back, instantly starting a feud between these two. Later, after being eliminated by Red Dread, Victor X came back into the ring and eliminated him. At Elimination Chamber, Victor X would make his one on one debut against none other than Red Dread, Victor X would capture his first win and afterwards, he would put Red Dread through the announcers table. At Wrestlemania 2, he defeated Red Dread in an Extreme Rules Match to end the feud. After Wrestlemania, he entered into a feud with Mr. MITB Thunder over the briefcase. At Extreme Rules, he lost his first match in a Ladder Match against Thunder. After Extreme Rules he was drafted to RAW. At Backlash, he defeated Grimez, Blue Star, & Rogan in a Fatal 4 Way No.1 Contenders Match to become the next in line to fight against the YWE Champion. At Nitro, he competed against the YWE Champion, Phsycoz, but the match ended in No Contest after Phsycoz's brothers (Double D and Crazy One) interfered and attacked both of them. After Nitro, he would start a feud with one of the brothers Crazy One and faced him in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Summerslam where he was victorious.

Pursuit of the YWE Championship (2011-2012)Edit

At Night of Champions, VX was involved in a 6 Pack Challenge for the YWE Title where it came down to him and Blue Star where he ultimately lost to him. He was given a rematch at Hell in a Cell. At Hell in a Cell, he lost to Blue Star, this time one on one, where after the match he had a brawl with him. At Survivor Series, VX won the YWE Championship after he defeated Blue Star. At TLC, he successfully defended the title against all of the New Mexicoolz.

Phenom wins the YWE Championship

Phenom with Victor X after wins the YWE Championship at WrestleMania 3

At the Royal Rumble, he defeated Phenom, who thought it was unfair how he became Champion in 11 months while he has been there for 4 years, for the Title. At Elimination Chamber, he successfully defended the title in the Chamber. At Wrestlemania 3, he title reign came to an end when he lost to Phenom, who was given a rematch after he defeated Double D at Elimination Chamber, afterwards he would his hand as the new champion.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion; Heel Turn (2012-2013)Edit

After Wrestlemania 3, he was drafted back to Smackdown. Where he slowly started a feud with another superstar who was drafted, Phsycoz. At Over the Limit, he lost a No.1 Contenders Triple Threat Match to Dynamite after Rogan & Dark Shark interfered. At Starrcade, he was defeated by Dark Shark in a Singles Match, later that night he accidently cost Phsycoz his match with Rogan. At Money in the Bank, he entered in the MITB Match but lost after he took out Phsycoz with a Swanton outside the ring. At Summerslam, in a considered "Dream Match" he defeated Phsycoz in a Extreme Rules Match. At Night of Champions, he was voted by the fans to fight the Undisputed Champion Rogan for the title where he won after interference by Dark Shark, Mr. Black, Angel, & Dynamite. At No Mercy, his rematch with Phsycoz ended in a No Contest where he ended up retaining 

the title. At Survivor Series, VX turned Heel when it was revealed that he was in cahoots with Phsycoz when Phsycoz helped VX beat Mr.Black to retain his title. On Smackdown, they revealed that even though that don't like each other they plan to headline Wrestlemania 4. At TLC, they defeated Mr. Black & Angel in a TLC Tag Team Match.


Victor X winning his 2nd Undisputed Heavyweight Title

At the Royal Rumble, Victor X lost his title to Angel. At Elimination Chamber, he won the title back after the new No.1 Contender Phsycoz helped him win it back. At Wrestlemania 4, he became the first Champion at Wrestlemania to retain his title after he defeated Angel & Phsycoz in a Triple Threat Match. At Over the Limit, VX retained his title against Angel after Blue Star turned Heel and screwed Angel out of the match. At King of the Ring, he retained his title against Shadow after Dynamite helped him win. At Money In the Bank, he retained the Title after he low blowed Grimez into the win. After MITB, VX would claim that the X-era has begun and that no one can beat him. Until, Tag Team Champion Phenom came in and reminded him of when he defeated him for the YWE Championship at Wrestlemania 3. At Summerslam, Phenom defeated him by Countout but he still retained since the title cannot change hands on a Countout. At Night of Champions,  his long reign came to an end after Rocker defeated him in a 6 Pack Challenge that included Blue Star, Jay Samoa, Angel, & Grimez. However, at Hell in a Cell he would regain the title after Fayth returned and chokeslammed Rocker through the Cell roof. At Survivor Series, VX lost the title to Shadow after he used his MITB contract. At TLC, VX failed to regain his title in a 4 way TLC match. VX is set to fight Rocker & Shadow in a Triple Threat Match for Shadow's Undisputed Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble. 

Feud with The Undertaker & Fayth; 4x Undisputed Champion (2014/2016-2017)Edit

At the Royal Rumble, VX would lose to Shadow in a Triple Threat Match with Rocker for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. He would appear at Elimination Chamber to attack The Undertaker. Because of the attack, VX is to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 5 for The Undertaker's YWE Streak. At Wrestlemania 5, VX would face The Undertaker, in a new attire, in a losing effort to end The Undertaker's YWE Streak. At Extreme Rules, VX would defeat The Undertaker in a rematch in a Steel Cage Match. At Over The Limit, VX would win a Fatal 4 Way No.1 Contenders Match after he low blowed Dynamite and pinned him. Later that night, VX would cost Fayth a chance at being Undisputed Champion when he attacked him giving Fayth a DQ victory instead of a Championship Victory and then he would attack Shadow. At Money In The Bank, VX would lose a Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Title after Shadow rolled him up for the victory. At Summerslam, VX would lose an Anything Goes Match to Fayth afterwards The Undertaker would return and would attack Victor X. At Vengeance, VX would challenge The Undertaker to a Casket Match at Survivor Series. The Undertaker would then appear where he got attacked by VX multiple times with a steel chair. However, The Undertaker would still get up and he & Victor X would then have a staredown. 

YWE would go on a hiatus from November 2014 to October 2016. At All Extreme 2016, Victor X would defeat Dynamite in a Singles Match (a first time match up between the two). At Payback, Victor X would defeat Dynamite in a rematch where afterwards The Undertaker would return to attack him continuing their feud once again. At Survivor Series, Victor X would defeat The Undertaker in a Last Man Standing Match officially ending the feud. Following the end of his feud with The Undertaker, Victor X decided to refocus his attention back to the Undisputed Title. As a result, Victor X would be placed in a 6 Man No.1 Contenders Battle Royal at TLC to decide the next challenger to the Undisputed title at the Royal Rumble. At TLC 2016, Victor X would lose the No.1 Contenders Battle Royal to Mario Sanchez. At Royal Rumble 2017, Victor X would enter the Royal Rumble Match at No.28 where he made it to the Final Three and was able to eliminate AJ Reyes before being eliminated by PJ Skillz. Victor X would then go on demanding an UHC Match against Phenom for being the last Smackdown Superstar in the rumble until he was granted the match. At Fastlane 2017, Victor X would defeat Phenom to become a 4x Undisputed Heavyweight Champion after The Undertaker turned Heel and chokeslammed Phenom after initally wanting to attack Victor X. After the match, Victor X would be speared by new No.1 Contender Silvio on the entrance ramp. At Wrestlemania 6, Victor X would retain his title against Silvio in a heavily praised match, rated 5 Stars. At Payback, Victor X would retain his UHC against Silvio & Arrow. Victor X would end up losing his Undisputed Title to Mario Sanchez at Elimination Chamber in an Elimination Chamber Match. At Money In the Bank he lose against Mario Sanchez in a rematch, but then Victor attack Mario from behind and stole the championship. At Summerslam he failed to reclaim the Heavyweight title.

Various Feuds (2017-2018) Edit

At NOC Victor tried to intimidate Arrow, but he ignored it and hitted him with his shoulder. At No Mercy, Victor X would defeat Arrow by Countout. After the match, Victor X would refuse a handshake from Arrow and be hit with Arrow's finisher, the Arrow Bomb. At Survivor Series Victor X, Arrow and Angel (team Smackdown) beat Team Raw (Lula, Phsycoz and Paul Omega). At TLC Victor X would lose a Fatal 4 Way for #1 contender for the Undisputed Heavyweight title to Arrow (also involving Shadow and Angel).

YTW (2014-2015)Edit

Season 1: Debut & World Tag Team ChampionEdit

Victor X would debut at Summerslam in a 6 Man Elimination Match to determine the challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship later that night, but he would be eliminated by eventual winner Arrow. At Night of Champions, VX would team up with Raider X to defeat Alex & Tyler Mins to become the first ever YTW World Tag Team Champions. Sadly, YTW would soon merge with XCW to form a super company known as YXW (Youtube Xtreme Wrestling). The YTW World Tag Team Championships would be deactivated and Victor X would be released from his contract.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Victor X had signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling). He will debut at Capital Carnage in a No 1 Contenders Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. Victor X would lose his debut match to Andy Lacavax in the No.1 Contenders Battle Royal. 

XCW (2015)Edit

Debut & Multiple ChampionshipsEdit

It was reported that Victor X had signed a contract with XCW (Xtreme Caw Wrestling). He is set to debut at the Royal Rumble as the company's first ever World Heavyweight Champion where he will defend his title against Doctor Z. At Royal Rumble 2015, Victor X would successfully defend the World Title against Doctor Z. At Elimination Chamber however, Victor X would lose his World Title to Joshie P in an Elimination Chamber Match that also involved Crazy One, Jack Silva, Arrow, & Black Heron. At WrestleMania 1, Victor X would compete in a 6 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the World Title in which the winner would end up being Kid Wild. Victor X is set to face Arrow for the Intercontinental Title at Extreme Rules along with Phenom. At Extreme Rules, Victor X would defeat Arrow, the champion, and Phenom in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match for the XCW Intercontinental Championship. XCW would soon merge with YTW and formed a super company known as YXW (Youtube Xtreme Wrestling) with Victor X's contract not being renewed.

RpW (2016)Edit

Victor X would make his debut with RpW (Revival Pro Wrestling) as the surprise opponent for Silvio at RpW Summerslam S01. Victor X would go on to defeat Silvio by Count-Out.

XWP (2017-present)Edit

XWP & United States Champion Edit

Victor X would make his debut with XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion) at XWP Outlaw S02 when he attacked XWP Champion Arrow at the end of the show announcing his intention to go after the XWP Championship. At Reckoning, Victor X would defeat Arrow in a suprise upset to become the new XWP Champion in his first match in XWP. However he would lose it back to Arrow two weeks later at Money in the Bank. At Summerslam, he would lose to Mario Sanchez in a Number 1 Contenders Match. At Nightmares, he would beat Curtis Stunt to win the United States Championship, however, Curtis would attack VX after the match injuring him and to add insult to the injury Victor suffered. Curtis Stunt was able to get the US Title back in his possession. At Survivor Series, Victor would return from his injury (although still not 100%) and would win the US Title back from Curtis Stunt. On the Raw after Survivor Series, it would be announced that Victor X would face Zachary Welch at the Royal Rumble CPV for the United States Championship. At Royal Rumble, VX would successfully defend his Title against Zachary Welch. He would enter the Royal Rumble later in the night but was unsuccessful in winning the Rumble. At Danger Zone, he would defeat Jet Omega Elliot. At WrestleMania 2, he would lose the Title to Zachary Welch in a Triple Threat.

Season 3: Championship Opportunities; Injury & Return Edit

On the Raw after WrestleMania 2, VX would have his US Title Rematch which he would win, however it was by Count Out after Welch intentionally left the match. After the match, Welch's other rival Jet Omega Elliot sent Welch back in the ring where VX hit him with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb before announcing a second rematch for Outlaw where he will have Jet Omega Elliot in his corner to stop Welch leaving again. At Pick Your Poison, Victor would face Sean Avery for the Cruiserweight Title after bein voted in by the XWP Fans. He would lose the match and would be injured by Sean Avery during the match. This would take VX out of action for 5 Months. At Survivor Series, Victor X would return answering Max Mercury's impromptu open challenge and beating Max in just over a minute.

IWA (2018-Present) Edit

Season 2: European Champion Edit

Victor X would make his IWA debut by representing the company in the Interpromotional Rumble match at World's Collide III where he entered at number 11 and would eliminate Francaios & Mike House before being eliminated by Creep-E. At Winter Games, he would answer Arrow's European Championship Open Challenge where he would defeat Arrow to win the IWA European Championship in his first singles match in IWA.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit



  • YTW World Tag Team Champion - 1x (Final) with Raider X


  • XYZ Champion - 1x (Current)


  • EWE Champion - 1x


  • XCW World Heavyweight Champion - 1x
  • XCW Intercontinental Champion - 1x (Final)




  • CXW United States Champion - 1x  

CAW Wrestling Observer:

  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Wrestlemania 3: Victor X (c) vs. Phenom
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE Summerslam 2012: Victor X vs. Phsycoz 
  • 5 Star Match (2012) - YWE TLC 2012: Victor X (c) & Phsycoz vs. Mr. Black & Angel
  • 5 Star Match (2013) - YWE Wrestlemania 4: Victor X (c) vs. Phsycoz vs. Angel 
  • 5 Star Match (2017) - YWE Wrestlemania 6: Victor X (c) vs. Silvio

Entrance MusicEdit

Theme Song:

  • "Enemy" by Sevendust (2011-2012)
  • "Hate Me" by Saliva (2013-present)