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The YWE Undiscovered CAW Talent Tournament is a Supershow or CPV created by YWE, making its debut in 2016 named as the NXTournament. The Undiscoverd CAW Talent Tournament is in tribute to the Wiki Page. This tournament is purposely made to showcase the great CAWs outside of YWE and hopefully help them get more exposure so even if they don't do too well in the tournament they will have gained at least that extra viewer as other creators are looking for CAWs themselves. But most importantly, this tournament is to give a chance to those participants to join YWE. This tournament is consisted of 32 CAWs, where the two finalist wrestle in the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. The YWE Undiscovered CAW Talent Tournament is currently in its second run (2017).

How joining YWE works Edit

Joining the tournament: Edit

First of all, to even have a chance to be part of the annual tournament, you need to upload the caw that you want to be in this tournament. Here how it goes step by step:

Step 1 - Go to the PS4 Community Creations of the current annual WWE2K game (WWE2K18)

Step 2 - Upload your CAW on CC and put the tags:

  • YWE_Verse (Obligatory)
  • Undiscovered_Caw_Talent_Tournament (Optional)
  • Any tag you want (Optional)

WARNING! If you don't put the obligatory tag, there might be a big chance that you won't take part in the tournament so please put the tags right!

Recommended - We recommend you to put your CAW on cc has fast as possible, since that gives you a wider chance to be part of the tournament.

In the tournament: Edit

Once you are part of the tournament, you will be randomly placed and after that good luck. if you manage to get in the finals then congrats, but if you don't then just don't give up yet, if the YWE Universe really got impressed by your CAW then you might be in YWE. Here is what I said on topics:

  • 4 CAW's will get a chance to join YWE.
  • The Winner will Join YWE and be rewarded with a Title Opportunity.
  • The Runner Up will also join YWE
  • The 2 extra spots will be filled by the two most deserving superstars, this choice is be discussed and agreed by the YWE management (including The Ane One himself) and the YWEverse.

NXTournament (2016 edition) Edit

In 2016, YWE announced a big tournament focused on other CAWs around the world, to give them a chance to be part of the YWE Roster.

Participants Edit

The 2016 tournament included 32 CAWs to take part of this tournament, them being:

First round Matchcard & Results Edit

# Results Stipulation
1 Max Mercury def. JD William First round match
2 Mr. X def. Figueroa First round match
3 Max Moon def. Brian Cash First round match
4 Brett Storm def. George the Beast '13 First round match
5 Vixx def. Shane Hayes First round match
6 Dregs def. Shawn Avary First round match
7 Straight Code Star def. Amir Boyd First round match
8 Demon Spyke def. Vignesh First round match
9 Zack A Lest def. Soul Reaper First round match
10 Leon Blackgrave def. Drew Lee First round match
11 Chef Curry def. Sergio Gallareto First round match
12 Aaron White def. Party Ross First round match
13 Cage def. Jake Navor First round match
14 Jayden Howard def. Gabriel Viveros First round match
15 Zen def. Gabriel Cass First round match
16 A-Pac Aries vs. Ryan Cage First round match

2 Round Matchcard & Results Edit

16 CAWs would advance to the second round.

# Results Stipulations
1 Max Moon def. Jayden Howard Second round match
2 Cage def. Dregs Second round match
3 A-Pac Aries def. Demon Spyke Second round match
4 Straight Code Star def. Zack A Lest Second round match
5 Max Mercury def. Leon Blackgrave Second round match
6 Brett Storm def. Chef Curry Second round match
7 Aaron White def. Vixx Second round match
8 Zen def. Mr.X Second round match

Quarter Finals and Semi-finals Edit

The Quarter and Semi-finals would take place in a special CPV called NXT Takeover.

# Results Stipulations
1 Straight Code Star def. Zen Quarter Finals match
2 Max Mercury def. Brett Storm Quarter Finals match
3 Max Moon def. Cage Quarter Finals match
4 Aaron White def. A-Pac Aries Quarter Finals match
5 Max Mercury def. Staright Code Star Semi Finals match
6 Aaron White def. Max Moon Semi Finals match

Finals Edit

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Winner of the NXTournament, Max Mercury

The Finals would take place at Wrestlemania 6 where the winner would earn a championship match in YWE.

# Results Stipulations
1 Max Mercury def. Aaron White Finals match

The Winner: Max Mercury

The Runner Up: Aaron White

2 Extra Spots: Shane Hayes and Brett Storm

Undiscovered Caw Talent Tournament (2017 edition)Edit

In 2017, YWE renamed the NXTournament to The Undiscovered CAW Talent Tournament as a tribute to the Wikia page.

Participants Edit

The 2017 tournament included 32 CAWs to take part in which 5 of them where returning participants from last year, them being:

First Round Matchcard & ResultsEdit

# Results Stipulation
1 Vandy Phoeuk def. Zack Thompson First Round Match
2 Lance Wolf def. Tyrone Gable First Round Match
3 Nuru def. Manny Lopez First Round Match
4 Cray-Z def. Albert Gates First Round Match
5 Dean Text def. Ron Johnson First Round Match
6 Archangel def. Brandon First Round Match
7 Joseph Brody def. Jason Silver First Round Match
8 Vixx def. TKE First Round Match
9 Jayson Daniels def. Mahadi Khan First Round Match
10 Mike House def. Brendan X First Round Match
11 Herosta def. The Phantom First Round Match
12 Jake Navor def. Justin Thunderbolt First Round match
13 Alex Silver def. JJ Silver First Round Match
14 Demon Spyke def. Kavz First Round Match
15 Steven Diablo def. AK47 First Round Match
16 Straight Code Star def. Terror First Round Match

2 Round Matchcard & Results Edit

16 CAWs would advance to the second round.

# Results Stipulation
1 Mike House def. Jake Navor Second Round Match
2 Alex Silver def. Cray-Z Second Round Match
3 Joseph Brody def. Steven Diablo Second Round Match
4 Herosta def. Straight Code Star Second Round Match
5 Vandy Phoeuk def. Lance Wolf Second Round Match
6 Demon Spyke def. Dean Text Second Round Match
7 Archangel def. Jayson Daniels Second Round Match
8 Vixx def. Nuru Second Round Match

Quarter-Finals Matchcard & Results Edit

Only 8 CAWs advanced from the second round, both the quarter-finals and semi-finals happen on the same night.

# Results Stipulation
1 Demon Spyke def. Vixx Quarter-Finals
2 Vandy Phoeuk def. Alex Silver Quarter-Finals
3 Mike House def. Archangel Quarter-Finals
4 Joseph Brody def. Herosta Quarter-Finals

Semi-Finals Matchcard & Results Edit

On the same night, 4 CAWs advance to the semi-finals.

# Results Stipulations
1 Demon Spyke def. Vandy Phoeuk Semi-Finals
2 Mike House def. Joseph Brody Semi-Finals

Finals Matchcard & Results Edit

Regicide wins the Undiscovered Caw Talent Tournament

Winner of the 1º Undiscovered Caw Talent Tournament, Regicide A.K.A Demon Spyke

Finally, after all the sufferring, resiliency and determination, 2 lucky CAWs managed to get themselfs a ticket to YWE, but what matters now is who is the going to get a title shot. The Finals are going to happen at the Royal Rumble 2K18 event.
# Results Stipulations
1 Demon Spyke def. Mike House Finals

The Winner: Regicide 

The Runner Up: Mike House

Extra Spots: Joseph Brody, Vandy Phoeuk and Vixx

Undiscovered Caw Talent Tournament (2018 Edition) Edit